Monday, April 9, 2012


I'm Back!...again. Winter was well here in Maine, we've had light temps and some snow. It was a good thing for me since I fractured my kneecap three days before Christmas. Thus the biggest reason for no blogging. I 've felt like I was hibernation for the last four months but all is great now especially since the warm sun of spring is shinning on me.
I promised myself I would get something out of storage each day, and each day I have. I've found more and more items that I have completely forgotten about and surprised myself many times. "Oh, so that's where that was."
Anyhow....this is one of my fur coats I had in the kids closet of the mobile home. I thought it was the one my mother gave me but it is one I picked up along the way.

Too bad it was in such poor shape because it was a thigh high coat and I really like the length.
Alas, not to let some creature go to the trash in vain, I decided I'd try to make a bear out of it. So off we went.

Taking the garment apart was a challenge in itself, I'm assuming this was a well loved coat since it had been altered and tailored from its original shape to a shape that was an obviously short statue lady.

I am amazed at how many pieces of fur went into making this coat, no wonder you had to be near rich to purchase one and no wonder furriers got so much money for each item.
This is what I made, this was an idea I had obsessively floating around my head for months. A teddy bear. He ended up alittle too small for a adequate judge of how fur works. Since there was very little room for turning each piece to the right side, the original seams of the fur was stressed and  I had a hard time keeping the parts together. 
He's cute and I'll keep him for myself since it was the tryout model. I love the over sized feet.
 So funny,
it reminds me of the squirrel from caddy shack. C&G Design
(or was it a groundhog?)
Words and photos by Dawn, C&G Design.