Saturday, January 31, 2009

Game Pink!

I know the "big" game is this weekend and even though my team isn't in it, I'm posting "pink" to a season that saw a career changing injury to the quarterback, Tom Brady. Join us at Beverly's for more pink people. I also posted another team pink back in the fall, that team came closer to the "big" game though.
The Patriots played well for having a fresh quarterback this season and I had wished they could of gone farther to the Superbowl, (who doesn't want their team?) but it was not in the cards. I'm not sure I'll be watching this weekend, yes, I probably will.....

Cheering to next year. C&G Design

Friday, January 30, 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Paper Mache Doll-Body Parts

I was very anticipatory the next morning, I'd removed the balloon the night before, removed her from the bottle and laid her on the side that was most dry. Here's what she looked like with a light sand. (amazingly enough she was quite hard, and light!) The inside hadn't completely dried must to my surprise!?!! But I could see light spots in her head where the paper mache got thin, I also needed to mache underneath the breast plate. Even though it's not going to be seen I feel the more the reinforcement, the better. Before I dragged out my torn newspaper and paste, I might as well as scale the size and prepare the limbs.

This is my materials for my arms and legs, much to my delight I found sheet rock tape kicking around, just waiting for me to grab it!

I fashioned a set of fingers out of cardboard, glued it to my wire, wrapped with batting and secured with the sheet rock tape. It sticks soooo well to the batting! My other alternative was thread, but I'd been forever wrapping, this was much easier. I forgot to say, put your paste in a air tight container, this way it will last.

How time consuming these are! As a matter of fact....dare I say they are harder to do then the head!?! Most of my time was spent spinning the limb in a tight grip so to "skinny" up the long bones. Then what a horrible time I had trying to match the foot size, which BTW is going to be clad in shoes. Jack of all trades made fun of me by calling it club foot. Har! Har! Har!.....Hard, hard, hard!

I applied small bits of paper to the areas I needed to complete on the head and then finger applied the paste as thick as I could, all over.

Oh, something came to me in the middle of the night.....

I added a surprise to the head. C&G Design.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Iris Folded Raggedy Ann

Who hasn't heard of Iris folding? I never had until I searched Raggedy Ann. Iris folding is aptly named so for the center of the design, it's said to resemble a iris when done. Originally invented in Holland it's used for scrap booking and card making. I watched a tutorial on YouTube, it's pretty easy when you see it. The patterns are written with the order of placement, ie: 1 first, 2 second, etc. The pattern has each number listed with a color

You cut your outline from the card stock, place it on the pattern and tape strips above the #'s with the right color and in the right order. Your color strips are 1 inch with one side folded 1/3 of the way in. Enlarge the pattern and print off! The center is mostly holographic paper but not necessary. Origami paper is recommended but other paper is welcomed.

Visit Circle of Crafters for more free Iris Folding patterns. C&G Design

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Paper Mache Doll, The Head

Okay, I have to say, I've never worked with paper mache before. I have seen really beautiful dolls made from this media, I've seen a lot dipped in wax, I made the pledge to attempt this kind one day...well, the day has come. My materials are crude but they were crude in the 1800's also. The glue sticks are in place to aid in holes for the breast plate. (to be stitched to the body) I did research on paper mache dolls and the information indicated to use natural material for the head AND I had started with a pine cone. (the book suggested wool roving or straw, I have neither.) I figured the air pockets would allow my piece to dry quicker. Well, madame involved herself again, she reminded me they did a globe in third grade to which they used a balloon then popped it when the project was done. Genius girl I tell ya!

The drying and humidity is a concern of mine, information on the Internet recommended substituting the traditional flour mix with wallpaper glue due to eventual molding from a moist atmosphere. Zinsser is what we used on the house, good product.

Except I mixed it to thick forgetting it needed 10 minutes to set up. Forget it, I had my paste, just stir quickly to avoid lumps.

A stiff brush to wet each layer and work the folds together, I guess. Sounds good.

My first layer. I found it to be very difficult and hoped that from what I read it would become easier, after all....this is sanded. The liter soda bottle made the perfect holder and I wanted a doll about that scale.

By the second layer, I'd added stuffing in strategic places to build my profile and hair.

The third layer produced a bun and tissue added to the face, my hope was to fill little lines and cracks. More on the chin and cheeks to round out the appearance.

Enough for the first day. C&G Design

Monday, January 26, 2009

Papier Mache- A Forgotten Art

Papier mache (french) meaning chewed paper, named so for it's appearance and hopefully not a gentleman who spent his time doing such! I don't really want to know. Papier Mache originally invented in China as helmets and ultimately the beautiful lacquered furnishing we see. It has become a dieing art.

It's mostly applied in theoretical or parade floats of today. Meant to be a temporary structure although it's been know to be a room divider and is fairly strong when dried.

The above picture shows the pig molded as paper pulp, today we have what's called paper clay. It's layers of paper which when mixed with water becomes a pliable mold able texture. It's pressed to form objects and can be sanded to a pleasing smooth like appearance.

The more transitional papier mache (sometimes called paper) is done with torn strips of paper laid in a criss cross fashion to form whatever piece is being made. The layers need to air dry unlike paper clay that is frozen in the mold, removed and baked to harden.

I've got a project coming up with traditional papier mache, my first. C&G Design.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Petite Pixie Player Program

Well, I guess I should never go into thrift shop by myself to often. On this day I purchased 12 music pamphlets for madame, look at the one I got just for her child's organ. It's way cute. Here is the introduction page just behind the cover page.

The graphics are just......something else! Guess now-a-days it's an attraction to everyone.

A toadstool apartment...wonder what that sounds my first apartment!

" The stars are bright", I'm assuming is Twinkle, twinkle, little star....

The book concludes with "Gateway to Elf land."

Just for giggles and ha, ha's, I looked up the roman numeral year of print,

MCMLV is 1955.

MMIV is 2009, MMV is next year, isn't that neat? C&G Design.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pink Projects

I was browsing my craft books this week and I came across one of my favorites. It's a Super Scrap how to from the early eighties (goodness, where did the time go!) I consider it one of my favorites because it makes use of things from nature, check out this painting done with flower petals. Isn't the vase gorgeous? Such texture.

The book also has this perfect pink jewelry made from bread dough, although today we would use Fimo or Sculpey. Back in the eighties, this set would be everyday ordinary wear. I think it has a heirloom quality to it, remember the hair combs?

This has to be my favorite, (besides finding a close pattern for one of my ornaments) this wreath is made out of muffin cups! Isn't it cute, it would be a beautiful baby shower adornment especially since the circle symbolizes a continuance.

Click here for more lovely pink people! C&G Design

Friday, January 23, 2009

My Desert Plants

Well, today I have a post that is different from most, today I'm posting on my three choice plants that I'd have with me if stranded on a desert island. Shirl over at Shirl's Gardenwatch is hosting several bloggers that have posted on the same. Thanks Shirl! One of the guideline to your choices is to be aware there is food already available. I have to say....eating ran through my mind first! Medicine came second. I've divided my choices by benefit of what each offers. For me....there wasn't a hesitation of what I'd need.

1. Aloe Vera-A succulent plant that does well in alot of soils and conditions, stays green and has beautiful orange flowers. However, beside the idea of a soothing, healing, moisture rub for burns and whatnot. The gel is used as a yogurt. The sap, a food preservative. This is my main greenery and my choice for visual comfort.

2. St John's Wart-A interesting little wildflower weed. St John's Wart has many uses as a tea, one being a treatment for mild clinical depression and has antibacterial properties to ward off staph infections. I would need it for it's oil though (by-product of boiling), when rubbed on sore muscles it acts as a anti-inflammatory, and when applied to the skin it acts as a astringent cleanser. We all know that would double as a anti-itch oil, great huh? St John's Wart is my choice for tactile softness and a cushion like grass.

Ah, I've saved the best for last, I've loved many trees from afar but the one I've desired all my life is the....

3. Paper birch tree-seems it has the side effect of its name, the bark can be written on and used as "paper", foot ware, cast for broken limbs, and eating plates, pots, pans. Not to mention, when the bark is chewed, it releases the main ingredient in aspirin and acts as a pain reliever.

The oil used as a waterproof glue. The tea, a diuretic (and aspirin!) The sap, a refreshing beer! It's indicated to favor the flavor of root beer for all you excited readers! What I didn't know is it's the tree of the country of Russia, hummmm. Besides, there is something so majestic about a white tree, the paper birch tree is my choice for shade and fragrance as it has a light airy scent when blooming.

And that's it! I'm never non-practical!

One of these days!!! I'll maybe be non cautious!!! C&G Design.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

From One Extreme to Another

Not only is the weather going from freezing at -25, to 25 above, and then snow... Madame has developed one extreme to another, she signed up for basketball this year. Here she is waiting to line up for the toss. and again at the whistle blow......we are a busy set of parents in the winter time, and these basketball games take up our weekends.

Except this weekend, she had to forgo the game for a majorette another school. Here she is marching in a square to the count of eight....

From one extreme to another. C&G Design.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy heartfelt, sweet sixteen! Love C&G Design

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Martin Luther King Snow

Martin Luther King's birthday (yesterday) was a day filled with several inches more of snow, sticky snow as you can see from my pin cherry tree. My son as his good friend shoveled off the trailer's roof for some pocket cha ching! It hadn't been done yet this year, they did a great job! I can't wait til it's pulled outta here.
Today was a little melodically for me, I spent the day with Madame who played mostly wii while I worked on my newest project.

Today was the due date for my son....16 years ago.* Sniff, sniff* goes fast.

C&G Design

Monday, January 19, 2009

Den Dee Doll

Madame is so proud of the gift she gave me this Christmas. Her school has a secret Santa whereas the PTO collects gently used items, they set aside a day for student shopping, everything is a buck or less. Madame originally selected a sign for my sign collection, (more on that later) but when she spied this beautiful doll, she decided the sign would go to her brother!
It's a gorgeous porcelain doll, she came with her own stand, markings and a tag that states "Limited collection" on both side, one writing in french. Her marking is on her neck, it's "Den Dee Dolls" collection. I've not been able to find any information on the company so I suspect it's a rather current doll.

Very pretty. C&G Design

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spray glue?

I must have seamstress stump or dressmaker's duh, I'm searching for my next project and I can't seem to decide. I'm thinking I want to make a doll, a very complicated doll. But....I'm not sure the results will be what I want it to be, I've never done this media before. Sooo for the next couple of days, I'll mull it over and perhaps start and finish before I know it.
I found this can of spray basting, it's used for quilting although I've never tried it, it sure looks like a great help. It secures the batting to the top and bottom of a quilt, it can be repositioned for up to two months.
It won't gum the sewing needle and can be laundered out either before the quilt is done or after.
I've been staring at the can for 6 months now and the way I see it, anything that is time saving with quilting needs to be mentioned. I intend to use this in place of the tacking and pinning that I do before running my quilt through the machine.

I hope it works! Wonder why I hadn't heard of this!?!! C&G Design

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pink Postage Stamps

Today is Pink Saturday. It's about a large group of bloggers posting something PINK on the same day each week, Saturday. Beverly spearheads the growing list of participants which is above 130 bloggers. Visit How Sweet The Sound for a complete list. My contribution this week is several pink stamps, located in a stamp collecting book I've given to Madame. Some were collected by me, some were given to me and some are baggies full I've purchased at flea markets. Madame's project now!

Air mail...Is there such a thing now a days?

This one has a post mark of 1976, the post mark is pink!

Pretty graphic from Peru

To help fund the war? From Trinidad & Tobago

A hard working woman from Jugoslavija

A pink president

Did you ever believe the Army & Navy would have a pink stamp, yep, for defense.

Disclaimer-prices may vary, alot cheaper than today's stamps, that is...C&G Design