Monday, January 19, 2009

Den Dee Doll

Madame is so proud of the gift she gave me this Christmas. Her school has a secret Santa whereas the PTO collects gently used items, they set aside a day for student shopping, everything is a buck or less. Madame originally selected a sign for my sign collection, (more on that later) but when she spied this beautiful doll, she decided the sign would go to her brother!
It's a gorgeous porcelain doll, she came with her own stand, markings and a tag that states "Limited collection" on both side, one writing in french. Her marking is on her neck, it's "Den Dee Dolls" collection. I've not been able to find any information on the company so I suspect it's a rather current doll.

Very pretty. C&G Design


tina said...

Very pretty. How sweet of Madame!

Kathleen said...

The doll is beautiful Dawn. Your daughter has impeccable taste. It's warmer, but now I have to dig out. Have a wonderful day! Hugs

Cinj said...

That is a gorgeous doll! I love the ringlet curls so much, probably because there's no way that my hair would ever do that or stay that way.

Jean said...

Newer doll or not, it is a beauty, just like Madame. Good job Madame!!!!

I am with Cinj with the hair. However when Tina was little I used to do her hair like that. It was called "long curls" or "finger curls". With her curley hair it would stay all day. Oh, for us that can only dream of it:(

Skeeter said...

Madame is a good little shopper! Great gift and she knows her mommy well... :-)