Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Felt Ornaments-Ann & Andy

I have to of my holiday decorations book has a 10'' pattern for a felt Raggedy Ann doll. I had to do some creative piecing on a smaller scale to get the appropriately sized ornament. The hair of the pattern is embroidered and because of that, I too, had to be creative and make my head large to accommodate the glue on yarn. The felt ribbon didn't work tho, plan B. I realized while thinking about a alternative ribbon, duh....the scalp should really be red. This is how I made the correction.
For being somewhat complicated, so far, so good. She came out even after I'd glued the skirt on backwards,and even though I had to remove the neck! The piece was just too small.

On to Andy, goodness what was I in for? I don't have a pattern for Andy and I had played with the scale again.

SOME pieces of the pattern from Ann I could use for Andy but the others would have to be mine. And I would have to be resourceful about "What would Andy be holding?" Also by flipping the pattern, I wanted them facing each other, I had to be very careful again.

Did I mention I was thinking about creating an Elf? I needed something that would make use of the light green felt, my second ornament was going to be a dolly. I think I fit the color, the need and the count to #12 and #13 quite well!

I did it quite nicely too! I need to be slower on applying the hot glue though, I got excited and mistakenly made a "neck" on Ann. She still works, just a little straighter smile.

Everything is embroidered, tiny stitches, but it doesn't take any cuteness away!

The darn wind! Well, you get my meaning. C&G Design.


Kathleen said...

Ann & Andy turned out just beautiful. Are you ready for the storm...they are predicting 8-10 inches of snow for us here. Good day to stay home and craft. Stay warm, Kathleen

tina said...

Good job! They are too cute.

Jean said...

Absolutely adorable!!

Here on the midcoast area we are to get 2 to 4 inches of snow but maybe some sleet and freezing rain. Have a dusting now with nothing happening right now but more to come.

Skeeter said...

They are so wonderful. I was not sure about the clothes colors at first but once finished, I think they are perfect! Ann does look a bit miffed at the wind with that smile... lol

Protector of Vintage said...

Out of all the ornaments you have made so far, these two are my favorites!! They are very cute.

Clara Di Vincenzo said...

Ann and Andy that beautiful.
When we see the tree?

Dawn said...

Hi Clara, I've taken down the christmas tree but I may photo all these ornaments on this backyard tree, with the snow? and such, might be nice.