Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quilt a Pillow

Did you ever hear of quilt a pillow? Well, Madame got one of those kits.... They're pretty neat. The fabric has pre-punched holes in the places where the learner is to stitch, the center is joined (quilting) and wa-la! Done.

'Cept she is always pilfering my stuffing! C&G Design


Kathleen said...

What a great job she did. Congrats, Madame. I especially love the color combination. Are you freezing? Hvae w warm, wonderful day! Hugs,

tina said...

Buy extra stuffing for her then! She looks more and more like you each day.

Jean said...

Well that looks easy enough for me to do. Quilting is something I actually have never even tried. Good going kiddo!!

You think so Tina? The Babe is the one, he looks exactly like your father did when he was younger. Even built like him, just taller.

Skeeter said...

Job well done Miss Madame!
The squirrels are pilfering my stuffing’s (fake snow) from under the winter scene on the front porch. They are staying warm this winter. At least you can see Madame using your pilfered materials! All I see is white specks of fluff in the trees and you can snuggle with your pilferer, I can only watch my little pilferers from the windows. :-)

Protector of Vintage said...

Madame is a beautiful little girl and she did a wonderful job on the pillow!

Dawn said...

Hi Kathleen, yes so cold, although so quiet in the heating business I had to check and see if the phone was working. Everyone hit me yesterday.
Tina, her own stuffing, now that sounds more like it. Yes, sometimes you can see a likeness to me in her expressions and as her hair darkens, she'll look more and more like my side, for now still alot of JOAT
Mom, yep, so much like Dad. Even he said so!
Skeeter, bad squirrels! But with the current cold down there too, I'll bet they just are telling all their friends!
Thanks protector of vintage, You must be freezing too! Ice rink closed? That's what the news just said, some schools. REALLY cold over there.
Let's count our blessings for the plane crash and that everyone got out safe. A miracle for sure.