Friday, January 23, 2009

My Desert Plants

Well, today I have a post that is different from most, today I'm posting on my three choice plants that I'd have with me if stranded on a desert island. Shirl over at Shirl's Gardenwatch is hosting several bloggers that have posted on the same. Thanks Shirl! One of the guideline to your choices is to be aware there is food already available. I have to say....eating ran through my mind first! Medicine came second. I've divided my choices by benefit of what each offers. For me....there wasn't a hesitation of what I'd need.

1. Aloe Vera-A succulent plant that does well in alot of soils and conditions, stays green and has beautiful orange flowers. However, beside the idea of a soothing, healing, moisture rub for burns and whatnot. The gel is used as a yogurt. The sap, a food preservative. This is my main greenery and my choice for visual comfort.

2. St John's Wart-A interesting little wildflower weed. St John's Wart has many uses as a tea, one being a treatment for mild clinical depression and has antibacterial properties to ward off staph infections. I would need it for it's oil though (by-product of boiling), when rubbed on sore muscles it acts as a anti-inflammatory, and when applied to the skin it acts as a astringent cleanser. We all know that would double as a anti-itch oil, great huh? St John's Wart is my choice for tactile softness and a cushion like grass.

Ah, I've saved the best for last, I've loved many trees from afar but the one I've desired all my life is the....

3. Paper birch tree-seems it has the side effect of its name, the bark can be written on and used as "paper", foot ware, cast for broken limbs, and eating plates, pots, pans. Not to mention, when the bark is chewed, it releases the main ingredient in aspirin and acts as a pain reliever.

The oil used as a waterproof glue. The tea, a diuretic (and aspirin!) The sap, a refreshing beer! It's indicated to favor the flavor of root beer for all you excited readers! What I didn't know is it's the tree of the country of Russia, hummmm. Besides, there is something so majestic about a white tree, the paper birch tree is my choice for shade and fragrance as it has a light airy scent when blooming.

And that's it! I'm never non-practical!

One of these days!!! I'll maybe be non cautious!!! C&G Design.


tina said...

You have to be the most practical person yet! And the smartest too as you will become known as the doc and have ever so many friends and visitors.

Kathleen said...

Good Morning Doc....well, I learned a few new things this AM. My favorite of your three is the white birch tree. THeir beauty is remarkable. And now I have found out all these other uses for them. I love the aloe vera plant too. I really enjoyed your post today, thanks so much. Four below here this AM...will it ever end? Hugs

Skeeter said...

I vote for Dawn to be the Witch Doctor on the island!!! lol, You are so smart with your selections for island pretties and their practical uses! We are going to have so much fun on this beautiful island. Hurry, lets get packed and head off….

Jean said...

Wow, what a pretty flower on the Aloe. I have never seen a flower on an Aloe plant before. My Aloes grow so big and every ole which way so what am I doing wrong that I have never had a flower? Great choices Dr. Dawn. I think you outdid everyone on this one.

Protector of Vintage said...

Very interesting information!!

Frances said...

Hi Dawn, or Doc, or Healer, you will be very popular on the island. What good choices you have made. The aloe is a beautiful flower too. I grow St. John's wort, Hypericum that has a purple leaf and the yellow starburst flower is beautiful too. I knew it had herbal uses, but not nearly as many as you named, way to get the research done! And paper birch is a beautiful choice, I do think some shade would be needed there and being able to have paper would be good for the artists and writers among us. Just excellent choices, Dawn, well done!

shirl said...

Hi there Dawn, my island ship is on an evening cruise around the Islands ;-)

Oh… practical or not I do love your choice of tree! Great to see a wildflower in your list too but as for your aloe vera I have never so many plants together or indeed a flower – quite, quite striking! Nice choices indeed :-D

jodi said...

Definitely practical but also beautiful selections, Dawn. I'm very fond of Hypericums of all kinds, perennial, woody, wild, you name it. And birch trees...lovely things.

Nicole said...

Well, I had to rely on practical people to bring these things to the island!
I've even used the fresh aloe gel on my dog's summer sores, and they helped the skin heal quickly. I love aloes in bloom as well.

Jan said...

I like all of your choices, but I esp. like the paper birch tree. That is one spectacular tree with the exfoliating bark.

Always Growing

My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Dawn~

I can tell from your choices that you will be the healer on the island. Very smart, practical and special choices! I bet you are a very kind and compassionate soul.
I love the aloe plant too.
Thanks for coming to visit!


Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Dawn, I just LOVE every one of the plants that you are bringing to our island get-together...or new home forever;) It's going to be a dream living there...and I will indeed use your medicines and herbs if you'll share;)
Aloe is such a good choice! And St Johns Wart--I grow it in my garden!! I've never tried it for anything you've mentioned...had no idea it has all these uses, other than possibly helping mood problems. I grow it because I love the pretty yellow flowers it sends out, and, because the plant adds some green to my garden without completely overtaking it. I do end up pulling some of it up, when I need to. The birch tree sounds lovely. I didn't know it had so many uses, either. You are just the queen of plant info. It's amazing what I've just learned! I can't wait! When are we leaving??!!