Friday, January 9, 2009

They're Baaaccckk!

Although I don't think they ever left, just on vacation for a month.

This past Wednesday ushered in another 4 inches of also collected up my hardy bunch of blue jays. They hopped around the trees nearest the house, dive bombing the peanut tray until I noticed, and figured they were hinting.
This one has snow stuck to it's beak! I found the more the snow covered the peanuts, the more of a mess they made! Scattering the peanuts everywhere.

This is a second helping and when my hubby got home, they had a third helping!

I stood for a while at my door to get the close-ups, it was worth it as the delay in my camera caught this one ready to leave with it's treasure.
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Kathleen said...

Hi Dawn....It's funny, here I live in the North Woods, and I have no trees to the front or sides of my house. In the winter, I usually get some chickadees, and maybe a woodpecker. I love watching the birds, especially those bold blue jays. We must have a total of 12-16 inches of snow on the ground. The wind has been biting cold. We have had wind chills of anywhere from 4 to 24 below zero almost every night. BRRrrr. I'm looking for animal patterns for applique. Cats, dogs, birds. Or anything girly. I appreciate your help, that is some sweet of you. Hope you have a fantastic week-end! Hugs, Kathleen

tina said...

Good job on photographing them! I haven't seen too many here eating from the feeders and go figure-I purchased corn JUST for them and still no luck! Might have to try peanuts.

Jean said...

Great pictures of the bluejays Dawn. When I used to feed them peanuts, they never made a mess as they always flew off with their peanuts. Since I had the peanuts on the railing of the porch, it probably was too low for them to feel safe. You feed them from the second story deck. You are so lucky to have it.

Oh my, Kathleen, that is cold!!

Susan said...

Beautiful blue jays..and you captured great photos

Skeeter said...

The Jays are hitting our suet cakes pretty hard now. But no snow or harsh weather for us here in the Deep South! Cold today and yesterday but we almost hit a record high the day before!

Love the pic of the snow billed Jay!

Protector of Vintage said...

Lovely photos!!

blackeyedsuzie said...

What a gorgeous little fellow. Happy New Year, Dawn! I hope it brings many more lovely visitors!

Dawn said...

Hi guys,
Kathleen, Field homes are lovely in Maine, my mother had a large size field around her too. I like my trees, we built the house in them instead of cutting them.
Hi Tina, I have a dozen of BJ! I'll put a bug in their ears (what ears!?) to head your way!
Mom, when these guys get going...they dive from everywhere. They rooted so much in the snow for their peanuts they knocked them to the ground! Next day...from the office I could see one not making up it's mind about what peanut to get off the ground! So many!
Hi Susan! Welcome! Georgia is my birth state and like Skeeter, both of you have enjoyable photos of the land. Have to get there sometime.
Skeeter, I'm thinking, paws to clean it's poor cold beak! What's a bird to do?
Hi protector of vintage, You must have your fair share of snow?
Blackeyed suzie, Happy new year to you too! Being in Canada means you must have high levels of snow too!
A long winter...although I can tell the days are getting longer! Yip-pee! Stay warm everyone, even the south people!

Cinj said...

What great pictures. Those blue jays must have been hungry. I think I should get a birdfeeder up on my steps so I can reach it to fill it in the winter.

Marina said...

oh...what great pictures!!!!