Sunday, January 4, 2009

Music-Another Art

Myself and my husband consider ourselves fortunate by not having to need a babysitter, and/or daycare. They're pluses to both sides of the debate, home parent or two working parents. We both just happens I do it from home, I'm lucky.

But sometimes it's nice to have a babysitter, like this day....We took Madame Christmas shopping for her brother because we needed to get it done and she can't stay with him as a sitter, he camps outside her room and is over worried about her whereabouts. Sooo Madame went.... off we go. We finished at 8:30 and decided to stop at a thrift shop before heading home...O.K....., guess who had, had, had to have this little organ. She already has a piano, and a combo Yamaha keyboard, not to mention her Saxophone that can be spotted to the left in the black suitcase.

We made a deal right there in the store, if it all works we would by it, it's cute.

At first....the poor thing only vibrated, no sound, no nothing. The clerk said it was unusual they'd put it out without a indication about it's operation. I'm saying....thinking, It's okay, we are just fine....! Well, he looked for Madame and found this little unknown gadget underneath it. It's a volume control that is open and closed using your knee. I'll tell ya, I've never seen anything like it. Not to mention it all works. *pooh*

This is a child's Magnus Organ sold in the 60's. Most of what my research turned up about his little set is, it's a pump petal model or tabletop. I even had the model number, it's located info.

This organ was made by a company known for their harmonicas, they did sell organs into the early seventies when the business closed. The inventory whereabouts is unknown and has been slowly dispersed.

I found, although electronic, this organ is a wind instrument. It uses the electricity to power a pump that blows air across a reed. It is not the generally high thin sound of the combo organs used in the seventies and well known for songs like "Light My Fire." This organ was made to compete with Hammond and has a unique sound quality similar to a accordion.

I found some disclaimers on EBay about the comparing sounds, and apparently it has had a few complaints about it. We purchased it for about what EBay has for a going price. I also found a defunct group of people searching for workable models of Magnus. Too bad about the now defunct, I'd hoped for more info.

BTW, it was difficult to get underneath the thing to get these pictures, the things I do for a post!

Especially when my dog is in my face, worried I'm hurt! C&G Design


lola said...

Too funny Dawn. Sounds like you need to be a contortionist. lol

Jean said...

Don't blame Madame for having to have it. It is another great find.

Tartarus is such a great dog!

Skeeter said...

I did not know they made children’s organs! What a great find for Madame... I had to giggle at you in the funny position to snap a pic. I would never get myself in funny positions to snap pictures, ha, you know I am lying today right? If only you could see me at times with that camera, and I have two cats in my face! Doggie Tartarus is a good boy and always on the job!

tina said...

Wonderful! A great buy indeed. The Jimster has also gotten into music. Mom, the next time we come visit don't be surprised if he starts playing your piano. Music is so good for the kids!

Dawn said...

Hi guys,
I think this little organ is cute, I'm thinking I'm putting it where the tree was. (Finally got taken down today!)
Yesterday we looked for a Wii and found all wal-marts were shipping and stocking over night (portland had them avail at midnight!) Geez. JoaT got up at 4:30 and got one at our Wal-mart. Everyone is spending gift cards! Pretty cute! and adicting, I can see how you can loose weight.

Protector of Vintage said...

Love the organ! Your daughter must be a very talented musician!! What type of work do you do from home?

Dawn said...

Protector of vintage, myself and my husband have a heating sales and service business. I answer calls and dispatch techs.