Sunday, May 31, 2009

Redwork, Block 17, Parakeet

Okay...I'm skipping around and I really should not be, 2 pets and 2 insects are left. I'm 4 away from 20 blocks! How did that happen!?! Well, I have a squirrel for a pet, puppies for a pet, and I know I need kitties. How about parakeets? The only other thing I could see was goldfish and they would fall in the water category and not the pet. Hummm, hard, hard choice, I considered a ferret but that would be way confusing! Duck? No. Horse? Nope. Pet birds are nice.

And why aren't this birdies called a 'dove'? Because a pair of doves would sound funny........Boo....Hiss..... Bad joke, I know. C&G Design

Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's a Birthday!

Break out your best birthday ware! Whip up that de-licious cake!
Get ready to spread the sweetness around!

Pink Saturday is a year old!

So many parties to attend! So many goodies are at Beverly's.

Crash the party and have some fun!

C&G Design

Friday, May 29, 2009

School Concert

Yet another event to mark the end of the school year, the annual concert. This year was a little different. The BIG district art show was cut from the budget (don't get me-ah---going), fortunately our art teacher decided to do the 'own' thing with each school. Only catch, it had to be at evening time, and what a switch! Well, the art show extended a invite to the music teacher, then another to the instrumental teacher, and all in all, the function had a good turnout.

Here is Madame playing her saxophone, I can tell when she is nervous, she was. What quickly happened was the 2 flutes, a drum and a trumpet lost step, the players all told her, ON STAGE, that thanks to her lead they caught up. Truth be told, saxophone RULES!

Belting out....America the Beautiful. I had to adjust the darkness of these pictures because I've not got use to the new camera, especially in a gymnasium setting. Madame also sings with the choir.

Here she is doing a duet with a friend while singing Peace on Earth. The song brought many tears to many parents eyes. The Elementary has a great group this year.....and next, the principal noted that sentiment in the beginning of the concert and the music teacher reinforced it after the closing act. I think she might of been moved too! Just the awards presentation left, *sigh.* C & G Design

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Redwork, Block 16-Butterfly

It had to come down to a butterfly to be included in the insect part of this project, actually this is a moth, a blue mortho, I think. I really liked the lines of this insect and try as I might, I couldn't find a Monarch graphic.
One last note of interest on Redwork, at the turn of the century when this technique became popular, it also created a boom in the selling of a home based business to housewives. Redwork was sold in the five and dime shops as a pre-printed block, these blocks were called penny blocks as they cost so little. Soon the handwork industry (or maybe just those career building ads), were selling a package with the means of printing your own blocks. They came with paper, a perforater and blue powered ink to be shaken over your designed paper that was placed over your fabric. Needless to say, although many woman bought into this ideal, none became rich from it. 4 blocks left....wooo hooo! C&G Design

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Raggedy Ann gift wrap

I have looked everywhere for a cute collective picture of Ann and Andy to use a gift wrapping. I've had diffculty enlarging a lot of photos so I decided to make my own. This is a picture taken from the posing of a bed sheet and although Ann face is alittle squiggled on the navy dressed Ann, I think it still works.
Left click on the photo and then click print. Wa-la! Hopefully. C&G Design

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Redwork, Block 15, Peeper

This is a sweet pattern, who'd think a frog could look so good? I had to jump on it and I learned Peepers have a darkened x on their backs, interesting, huh? This will finish up my water animals, and I'll move on to the insects. I think I have a great group of amphibians.

Peep! C&G Design

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Redwork, Block 14-Sea Turtle

I put off thinking about including this turtle, I had another one printed off but I decided it was to cartoon-like, this one looked hard with the different lines in the shell. But it was reeeally easy, all I had to do was follow it like a spiderweb, out from the center, back in...doing the outline stitch along the way.
I'm glad I chose this version of sea turtle. C&G Design

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pink Saturday

Happiness is.... pretty, pink , phlox. (Click Pink)

Happiness is.. prefect, pretty, pink, phlox.

C&G Design

Friday, May 22, 2009

Princess for a day

Last Saturday brought the closure of the Majorette's activities, only for the summer though, we will resume in the fall.

All the team activities and performances ended in a pageant walk to get your reward, a tiara, a trophy and a beautiful rose. We were princess for a day.
C&G Design

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Redwork, Block 13-Harbor seals

Hold-up, hold-up....time to do a re-check of the animals I've done. I suppose I can't have a mish-mash of my favorite creatures can I? More than half way to my goal and I need to be fair. I concluded 5 categories, zoo, barnyard, insect, water and pets. All done for 4 blocks of the first two categories. (4 x 5, is my goal) I need 3 insects, I have only a ladybug so far.....I need 3 water, funny.....I included the beaver as a water animal, what else could I do with it?
I need 2 pets, I included the squirrel as a pet, there isn't a pest category!
Oh, what to do with my redwork........thoughts?
C&G Design

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Raggedy Ann + Andy Wall Art

Sometimes I'm really amazed at what shows up at Goodwill (my favorite store), I would of thought anything Raggedy Ann +Andy would be cherished or passed along to a grandchild. Not true today, their lost is my gain. I found this cute set in a plastic bag and marked $1.99 for the pair. That's a no brainer, and still on the shelf for muuu-wa?!
My 1995 collectible book has this pair listed for $10 to $15 a piece. Remember, as a rule, dolls or doll association will increase at least $10 each decade since determined valve (exclude something faddish or currently popular).
Notice, mine are in such better shape! C&G Design

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Redwork-block 12, Puppies

This one is soooo cute, it's really considered a pet and a little cartoonish but I think it works. I haven't found a competing kitty yet, but I will... The puppies were interesting to do because it is similar to the turkey with it's different lines, and challenging to do because it calls of "predicting" the ending threads. I had to finish the little puppy before I jumped to the big dog, I saw no sense in jumping 4 times when I could do it once. I did pretty well, I cut only once and that was at the paws.
Like how my Maine Coon cat wouldn't move for anything, you can see his white collar in the picture. So I photographed the grouping on him last night. And he still didn't move!
Oh well, cold tonight, maybe that's why....not! C&G Design

Monday, May 18, 2009

Black Magic Skin Doll


16" Unusual vintage black vinyl doll, with brown sleep eyes, full inset lashes, molded, painted hair, done in a ponytail, and attached red hair bow. She is all original, dressed in her yellow print cotton shirtwaist, and red vinyl shoes. Her head is vinyl, her body is "magic skin" that has not deteriorated! She is unmarked, and has no wrist tag, but she is in her original pink and white box marked # 1927. Probably made by Horsman. Circa 1959

Posted by Hattons Gallery of Dolls, Selling quality antique and fine vintage dolls


This was another one of those crazy moments, walking into Goodwill and spying a shopper to my left, talking on her cell, and turning this beautiful doll over and over. Will she be distracted and put it back? No such luck, drats, why does that always work with everything else!?

Surely, I'd at least deserve a closer look, OHHH! How I don't like missing something by that much! A smidgen. Following her would only make me look stalkerish, and she is still talking on the phone.......

I want to say at this point, I thought the dress on this doll was not original, but I've since changed my mind. The only information I could find on her was the ad shown above. This dress is one piece, I suspect her shoes were hot pink to match, she wore simple socks. It might be difficult to find hot pink shoes but maybe with EBay, I'll have some luck. My doll has no rips in her skin, she does have this hole in the back of her neck, I thought it was for a pull string that broke, but it is apparently for ventilation. She is stuffed with something so soft, I can't even describe it. She will slowly return to her shape after being squeezed in the tummy. I believe this hole makes this possible.Back to the cell phone talking lady, Well...we found ourselves at the hard goods, she still on the phone, me pretending to shop. Much to my amazement she ended her conversation and double checked this baby doll, put it in the seat of her cart two times.....digging her glasses out of her purse, checking the neck....(no marks)...and just when I was going to give up, she slams it down on a top shelf and quickly walks off. The poor guy looking at the stationary made a slight move towards my doll, I a-u-t-o-m-a-t-i-c-l-y reached across his face and grab this lovely beauty. 'Sorry', I said.

Okay, she was $12.99, a bit more than what I usually pay but.....I knew, Horseman? The oldest doll maker, I can spot one from across a gym!

The Horseman site has a listing of all dolls made by the company, the site claims if it is unmarked it is not "Horseman". It also states many parts, heads and molds were made for other companies.

I believe that's what this little lady is about, C&G Design

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Redwork-block 11, Kangaroo

Aw, I had considered Winnie the Pooh for this project, and I have a site bookmarked for later, but the animals looked and are tempting for a quick work-up. Doesn't this look like Kanga and Roo from Pooh?

I guess I might have a few exotic mammals. C & G Design

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pink Saturday Paints

I was recently reading a book on acrylic painting and I was surprised to find you can get a watercolor look with a specific technique. I'm not a foremost painter, I have my accents I can use and get by with. This sounds simple, wet paper (soaked) with 6 parts water to 1 part acrylic paint.

As the painting dries, you can add layers. For example: it has a damp stage where color will slightly run the outline.

I'm under the impression this is a quick method of creating beautiful works of art.

The book also talks about loading you brush properly, that hasn't changed.

I haven't attempted this kind of painting but I plan to. Cheaply comes to mind, no canvas as you really can't wet a canvas. Regular craft paints will do too!

This dolly tea party is to cute for words.

Here we see the driest point of painting, the last stage.

But look at the marvelous blending, effortless.

The end result is spectacular.

Skip over to Beverly's for more pinks. C&G Design

Friday, May 15, 2009

Redwork-block 10, Squirrel

Alright, I'm not fond of this creature but it's one of God's so there is a place for it, somewhere...Just as in real life as in this particular red work, I had a hard time dealing with this....this...pattern. I printed it from a different site, one that doesn't allow to size???? What's with that? Anyway, half the picture got cut off and I had to add it myself. It came out quite large in comparison to my fabric.

Whoa! I'll have to be careful when I sash this one! C&G Design

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Redwork-block 9, Bear

Black bear, brown bear, and grizzly about a red bear?!

This stitchery is really fun, words can't describe how smooth it goes and how much ( how little) attention is needed to do this. I guess maybe the big stuff will come later. The quilts have a specific quilting pattern and I have not decided if that's what I want, I haven't decided anything yet, any suggestions?

Geezs! Number 9 means another group of four, poor bear looks lonely. C&G Design

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blogiversary Give-a-way! Raggedies! June 5

I'm hosting my first give-a-way! June 5, 2008 is the date my blog first posted, so therefore, June 5 of this year will make one full year of blogging, everyday. It's my blogiversary! It's been wonderful to write to 'the world' over this past year, I've made some lovely friends and learned so much from them. The cyber-world is a definate connection to people otherwise would of never met!

I'm planning some different post for the week leading up to June 5 th (Friday), I want to review the projects I accomplished over this year, set some goals for the upcoming year and may! beee my blog will interview me! (thanks! Tina)! What else, I'm not sure but I'm betting it won't be of the usual postings, crafts/family.

My give-a-way is this adorable set of Ann and Andy, which I made in 1996 and are marked such:
Stitch by stitch;

Thread by thread;

I've sewn this together

with lots of love.

Signed: Dawn 1996

Each doll is 18 inches and really...not a play doll, they are more of a display doll. More information can be read here.
And since I'm currently working on a red work project, I decided to whip up this little beauty of a pillow. It's 12' x 12', sashed with complimentary Raggedy material, and flanked with eyelet lace. It's cute! This pillow would be a great eye catcher in any home, who wouldn't love Ann and Andy dancing together on their couch or bed!?
Handwritten signature and date, in lower right corner, on back of pillow.

I'll have this badge on my sidebar, clicking on it will lead readers to this post. If you would like to be entered into my give-a-way, comment on this post! If you would like to be entered twice please feel free to use my badge/ link for your blog, just let me know you have done so. I'll put all the names in a bag and draw on on June 5 th. So, please remember to check back! I'll need addresses! Oh, so many people I'll want to have these! My mother and sister are exempt from this contest, just cause....they've know me all my life and can get this stuff anytime!
Have fun! C&G Design