Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dance Recital

May 8th (2 days ago) ushered in the end of the dance classes, at least for the summer. Madame worked very hard again this year....her dance teacher had a injury to her calf so the class had to deal with different instructors for about 6 weeks. They pulled it together rather well though, all the performances were wonderful.
"First position, now!"

The pictures of Madame in a skirt are the ballet ones, I think this was my favorite although it is hard to decide. The above shot is one where they formed a circle, Madame was the first to weave in, and the last to be woven.

I had to crop some of the photos because of other faces, although I know them all, posting the other, truly would not be the thing to do.

Another back shot! Curse the delay on my new camera! Take time getting use too.

Here we move to tap. I felt the routine was very complicated with reverse v lines and swing abouts, but they did good. There is about 8 students in the class and their teacher is a dancer with the Maine State Ballet.


Ah, jazz, her favorite as you can tell by the looks on her face! She was dead middle of the performance and has waited a lifetime to do a real jazz dance. This was the year.

They were the only young class to get a applause during the dance. They lined up one behind the other and did a robotic movement with their arms, starting overhead, stopping a little ways down, the person behind starting overhead and so forth. It was perfect! Madame kept saying...wait til you see it!
The adult class got a midway applause for their chorus line kick. Madame's applause did not escape her, believe me.....

I want to wish my mother a Happy Mother's Day and may she have many more. I want her to know Madame is better! She was deathly sick on Saturday, a day after this recital. Her stomache was "bad", and oddly enough, this preformance was in a school/town where a case of Swine flu erupted. She doesn't seem to have it, thank goodness!

I would also like to thank another commenter, Skeeter, for sending me a book, "Field Guide to Butterflies and Moths". It's a beautiful book full of illustrations and facts. I know Madame and I will enjoy reading it this summer. Skeeter's sentiment got me teary eyed, I hope to meet up sometime and make the cyber world friendship, an in-person party! Thank-you, Skeeter and happy mother's day! C & G Design


Kathleen said...

Bravo to your dancer! Looks like a wonderful performance. They work so hard. Madame looked just beautiful. Happy Mother's Day Dawn...hope you have a great day with your family. Hugs, Kathleen

Debbie said...

Oh Dawn I can just tell that you are an awesome mom who loves Madamme so much!! You remind me of myself when my kids were young. She is a beautiful girl and the photos are wonderful. What an awesome gift you are giving her...the opportunity to learn dance and I am sure many other exciting things to come! Oh and I didn't even mention all the crafts you have taught her! Happy mothers day to a first class mom. You just warm my heart and bring tears to my eyes.:)

lola said...

Great pics proud Mom. They all look great. She is so talented just like her Mom.
Happy Mothers Day.

tina said...

Looks like fun! And you have such a good record of her recital on here. Glad Madame is feeling better. Enjoy that book! Lola and Skeeter wanted to make sure you and Mom were included in our group and it was so nice of them to send this to you! You'll enjoy it much!

Skeeter said...

What a darling Madame you have there! And proud Mama she has in her life! And yes, you could tell on that cute face that Jazz is the really fun dance for Madame. Her flowers were so beautiful.

We did miss you at the luncheon but you and Jean were in our thoughts. Surprise! :-) Enjoy the book in your garden id'ing the beautiful flying flowers of the world.

Jean said...

Sounds like a good time for everyone and the roses are gorgeous. Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes. Elizabeth cooked dough boys, bacon and sausage for everyone and let me sleep and came and got me when it was ready. Can't remember when the last time I had a breakfast that was not cooked by me!!!! She did a great job and it was a real treat. After all the ones I have cooked for everyone made me think of that old saying, "What goes around, comes around". LOL!!!

So glad Madame is better. I was worried all day yesterday but after calling to check on her last night, I went to bed feeling a bit better.

I hope ALL ladies have a great Mothers Day. I say ALL ladies as we are all or have been a mother to someone or something at one time or another in life. We all fill a void somewhere in life.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is just beautiful!!! I remember when I used to go to my daughter's recitals...... I know you are so very proud.

[thanks for your comment: I really appreciate it!]