Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Madame Dolls

Since I have been unpacking a lot of things lately I, naturally have found a lot of things too. These two cutie are the first Bradly dolls I purchased for Madame.

The little blue one was the very first....she has a music box for a stand and when it's wound, she spins. (slowly)

I like this flowery lady, her dress is classic 70's.
Madame is getting quite the collection of these beauties, she's running out of room.

Ugghhh!, I wish she'd get rid of the butterfly habitat. C&G Design

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C&G Design.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pink Saturday

Can you tell I'm really looking forward to spring? See Beverly for more pink excitement. HERE Happy Pink Saturday!

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Friday, February 26, 2010


A little while ago I had a nice mom ask about my blue polka dot elephant I have on Esty, he/she has several favorites and it is cute. She asked if I offered other colors and I pretty much said I did and could as long as I could get the pattern. After showing her some of my colors and after she purchased her own fabric for me (which is nice!), I was hired to make 2 of these stuffed elephants in grey and camouflage. The buyer's husband was in the military and they are going for camo which all boys like. Oh, I forgot to mention, boy one is 2 years and and boy two will be born in June.
Make the two elephants from another pattern........I could not find the pattern. :( I thought I had time to really tear everything apart (that's how I found the pattern for yesterdays post) and I did tear everything apart, even the ole' camper which I still have some crafts in. Nada....I found everything else, the horse, the teddies, and the bunnies but no elephant. Drat! It should of been in the pattern box with all the aforementioned but.....sadly , no.
I resolved to create another from the blue elephant.
I sat and I traced and I measured and when I was happy I prototyped a grey flannel elephant, here is the results:

Okay, maybe if I made it in brown I could glue strings of brown yarn around the head and make it a woolly mammoth! The forehead was to high, the trunk to close, and the legs to skinny. Madame wants me to finish it for her, oay vey.
Here is the second attempt after alterations:

Okay, I like this one, the forehead is perfect, the trunk and the legs are too! But, but it IS a skinny elephant, HA! I still may post this on Etsy, I haven't decided yet. Everyone likes it except my first critic, my husband.

Fortunately I know what I did, I shortened the sides of the tummy gusset. Gussets are very touchy and my elephant has 2, the other is the forehead of all places......go figure.

What do you think? I added a little bulk to the behind to make more of a curve and the ears are not exact but we like this version better.

I also made sure I was rested before painting the eyes, if you notice on the brown one, I see eyes to high and that bothers me more than the weight issue. We should all have that problem....these two are a pair of Bobsy twins.

I also did the tail differently, I made a camo tail with grey yarn sticking out of it as if it's the hair on the end of the tail, The old one was braided yarn and I was never happy with that.
I think I copied this pattern from my MIL and threw it away when I was done, or I loaned it to a friend and never got it back. I have it now, stored with all the rest.
This is why I don't copy other people's work, I semi stink at it.
I can't even do my own! C&G Design

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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Well, I finished my project late last night, remember the one that was keeping me busy and frustrating me? Whew! Done.....I'll post about it tomorrow, I have just a teeny, weeny thing left to do but I'm so tired (11pm) I'm afraid I'll mess it up. Tomorrow.
Anyway, I unpacked more patterns and had forgotten about this little cutie. I have always wanted to make her, I even have her hair, (made from a unraveled sweater!)that I saved from long ago. I've hesitated because she is soft sculpture, constructed with nylon hose and tights. I haven't done well with this technique but I think now is the time to try again, so get ready.

She is just so darn cute. C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,

C&G Design.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Raggedy Ann and the Strange dolls

Raggedy Ann lay just as Marcella had dropped her--all sprawled out with her rag arms and legs twisted in ungraceful attitudes. Her yarn hair was twisted and lay partly over her face, hiding one of her shoe-button eyes. Raggedy Ann gave no signs she heard, but lay there smiling at the ceiling. But sometimes the truth may hurt and this may of been the reason Raggedy Ann lay there so still
"Did you ever see such an ungainly creature!"

"I do believe it has shoe buttons for eyes!"

"And yarn hair!"

"Mercy, did you ever see such feet!"

The dutch doll rolled off the sofa and said "Mamma" in his quavery voice, he was so surprised at hearing anyone speak so of beloved Raggedy Ann--dear Raggedy Ann, she of the candy heart, whom all the dolls love.

Uncle Clem was also very much surprised and offended. He walked up in front of the two new dolls and looked at them sternly in the eyes, but he could think of nothing to say so he pulled at his yarn mustache.

Marcella had only received the two new dolls that morning. They had come in the morning mail and were presents from an aunt.

Annabel-Lee and Thomas were beautiful dolls and must have cost heaps and heaps of shiny pennies, for both were handsomely dressed and had real hair!

Annabel's hair was of a lovely shade of auburn and Thomas was golden yellow.

Annabel was dressed in soft, lace covered silk and upon her head she wore a beautiful hat with long silk ribbons tied in a neat bow-knot beneath her dimpled chin.
Thomas was dressed in an Oliver Twist suit of dark velvet with a lace collar. Both he and Annabel wore lovely black slippers and short stockings.
They were sitting upon two of the little red doll chairs where Marcella had placed them and where they could see the other dolls.
When Uncle Clem walked in front of them and pulled his mustache they laughed outright. "Tee-Hee-Hee!" they snickered, "He has holes in his knees!"
Quite true. Uncle Clem was made of worsted and the moths had eaten his knees and part of his kiltie. He had a kiltie, you see, for Uncle Clem was a Scotch doll.

Uncle Clem shook, but he felt so hurt he could think of nothing to say.

He walked over and sat down beside Raggedy Ann and brushed her yarn hair away from her shoe-button eye.

The tin soldier went over and sat down beside them.

"Don't you mind what they say, Raggedy!" he said, "They do not know you as we do!"
"We don't care to know her!" said Annabel-Lee as she primped her dress, "She looks like a scarecrow!"
"And the soldier must have been made with a can opener!" laughed Thomas.
"You should be ashamed of yourselves!" said the French dolly, as she stood before Annabel and Thomas, "You will make all of us sorry that you have joined our family if you continue to poke fun at us and look down upon us. We are all happy here together and share each others' adventures and happiness."
Now that night Marcella did not undress the two new dolls, for she had no nighties for them, so she let them sit up in the two little red doll chairs so they would not muss their clothes. "I will make nighties for you tomorrow!" she said and she kissed them goodnight . Then she went over and gave Raggedy Ann a good night hug. "Take good care of my children, Raggedy!" she said as she went out.
Annabel and Thomas whispered together , "Perhaps we have been to hasty in our judgement!" said Annabel-Lee. "This Raggedy Ann seems to be a favorite with the mistress and with all the dolls!"

"There must be a reason!" replied Thomas, "I am beginning to feel sorry we spoke of her looks. One really can not help one's looks after all."

Now, Annabel-Lee and Thomas were very tired after their long journey and soon they fell asleep and forgot about the other dolls.
When they were sound asleep, Raggedy Ann slipped quietly from her bed and awakened the tin soldier and Uncle Clem and the three tiptoed to the two beautiful new dolls.
They lifted them gently so as not to awaken them and carried them to Raggedy Ann's bed.
Raggedy Ann tucked them in snugly and lay down upon the hard floor.

The tin soldier and Uncle Clem both tried to coax Raggedy Ann into accepting their bed (they slept together), but Raggedy Ann would not hear of it.

I am stuffed with nice soft cotton and the hard floor does not bother me at all!" said Raggedy.
At daybreak the next morning Annabel and Thomas awakened to find themselves in Raggedy Ann's bed as they raised up and looked at each other each knew how ashamed the other felt, for they knew Raggedy Ann had generously given them her bed.

There Raggedy Ann lay; all sprawled out upon the hard floor, her rag arms and legs twisted in ungraceful attitudes.

"How good and honest she looks!" said Annabel"It must be her shoe-button eyes!"
"How nicely her yarn hair falls in loops over her face!" exclaimed Thomas, "I did not notice how pleasant her face looked last night!"
The others seem to love her ever and ever so much!" mused Annabel. "It must be because she is so kind."

Both new dolls were silent for a while, thinking deeply.

"How do you feel ?" Thomas finally asked.

"Very much ashamed of myself!" answered Annabel; "And you, Thomas?"

"As soon as Raggedy Ann awakens, I shall tell her how much ashamed I am of myself and if she can, I want her to forgive me!" Thomas said.

"The more I look at her, the better I like her!" said Annabel

"I am going to kiss her!" said Thomas.
"You'll awaken her if you do!" said Annabel.

But Thomas climbed out of bed and kissed Raggedy Ann.

Then Thomas and Annabel-Lee gently carried Raggedy Ann and put her in her own bed and tenderly tucked her in, and then took their seats in the two little red chairs.

After a while Annabel said softly to Thomas, "I feel ever and ever so much better and happier!"

"So do I!" Thomas replied. "It's like a whole lot of sunshine coming in a dark room, and I shall always try to keep it there!"

Fido had one fuzzy white ear sticking up over the edge of his basket and he gave his tail a few thumps against his pillow.
Raggedy Ann lay quietly in bed where Thomas and Annabel tucked her. And she smiled at the ceiling, her candy heart (with "I LOVE YOU" written on it) thrilled with contentment, for, as you have probably guessed, Raggedy Ann had not been asleep at all!

Special thanks to Project Gutenberg. C& G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,

C&G Design.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bottle Cozy

Kids are back in school, ha! No really by the end of the year I'm ready for summer vacation. Look what Madame did, it may not look impressive but she did it in one afternoon, AND, she was crafty enough to spy a notion that slides open and close.

She uses it as a bottle cozy. I told her if she added big beads while crocheting and put two drawstring opposite one another, she would have a perfect bag purse.
Oh, and by the end of summer, I'm ready for school to start.
Real ready. C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,

C&G Design.

Monday, February 22, 2010

A win!

Madame had another competition on Saturday, this time the drive wasn't to bad but she needed to be in at noon and the show didn't start until 3:20. Of course, if we left, we would have no spot to sit, so there we sat....for 3 and a half hours.....on the the gym.

We had 4 in our division and we were to be on show, 6th. By 5:30 it was time for awards. Our team missed one stunt, the high flier actually wasn't able to lift on the last standing. I figured we would have to listen to Madame complain about losing all the way home, especially since she text me saying they didn't do so well. You can hear the spectators go "ahh" when a flub happens and since all the cheerleaders are moving, they are never certain what happened, this flub was behind Madame.

All the teams sit come down on the mat for a "Jive" song, they all do together, step right, step left, jump once, now cha cha! And so on. When the judges were ready all the girls (and one guy) sat down. Right off the bat.....we were awarded "good sportsmanship" plaque. Two were given but there was a total of about 15 teams. I was so happy! I hooted and hollered, hubs looked at me weirdly but I had no care. Then we took second! And got a trophy! The team had not won in about 7 years! But those awards had all the girls on cloud 9.
We went to have Chinese buffet, it was goooood. A few out of town girls were there and we heard them being down. Been there!
But not tonight! C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,

C&G Design.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Puzzling Dolls

Remember my project that turned out to include my husband? Click here to see but in the mean while, look what I found last week. I didn't do this one but it will go with the one I have and this one is already framed. I love it.

I wish I could say that I had the I.D. on each doll but I could only recognize one. Bottom right doll is a bye-lo-baby by Grace Putnam.

They are all antique dolls and this puzzle is the same size as "Tea Party."

Planned for the craft room. C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,

C&G Design.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pink Saturday

Hold on spring! I'm a coming! I'll be there! 5 More Pink Saturday's until official Springtime! Probaby 10 more Pink Saturday's until snow out!
Join the pink happiness by clicking here. C&G Design

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Bears, Part 2

Tonight....I worked some more on current my project and I came close, close enough that I can do it the right way tomorrow. *sigh* Obviously when one uses this pattern they would have to reverse or delete the words. Anyway, I will sell the one I made today and remember what I did wrong for tomorrow.

I'm being more than picky because it's not for me.

They will be gifts.

" All will be explained my little grasshopper."

Remember that show? I think of it each time I quote that.
It was a wonderful part of t.v. history.
C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bears, part 1

I'm working on a new project and I'm having issues with it. Goodness! Maybe if I were less of a perfectionist with my work I'd be a lot less cranky! I'll post on it soon but for now I want to show you some transfers I picked up when I purchased a whole book of them. They aren't that vintage but cute just the same. I thought these would make a sweet baby blanket. You could either fabric paint or embroider.

Or just outline with the paints that have a tip, maybe puff paints?

Bears are so gender neutral and so cuddly looking. Who doesn't like a bear?

I will have part 2 posted tomorrow.

Until then, I can only ponder about my crafting mistakes. C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,

C&G Design.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Clothes Pin Annie

Raggedy Ann Clothes Pin Christmas Ornament

Johnny Gruelle patented Raggedy Ann in 1915 and introduced the doll to the world in 1918 in his book Raggedy Ann Stories. Here is a popular story of how the doll came to be:
The original rag doll that was to become the first Raggedy Ann actually belonged to Johnny's mother, but it was not until after his daughter, Marcella, found the worn and faded doll in the attic, did it receive it's famous black eyes, triangular nose, and beloved name from Johnny.
While Raggedy Ann is over 85 years old she is still the most popular rag doll of all time.

Create your own Raggedy Ann Clothespin doll. I made 4 of these for the Christmas of 1998. I remembered seeing a pair of Raggety Ann and Andy standing dolls (not ornaments) made out of the old style clothes pins while browsing around a craft fair, and decided to make my own.

paint brush, toothpick, cd jewel case, scissors, glue, white thread, sewing machine or needle

Stuff used:
round 1 1/4" wooden ball head (with hole to fit on clothes pin)
round (not flat) old style clothes pin
clothes pin base
paint (black and red)
red yarn
red and white striped paper
5" by 10" scrap of red gingham fabric (very small print)
2 1/2" piece of white rick-rack
5" piece of 1" lace trim
10" long piece of 1/8" gold ribbon
pipe cleaner
decorative gingerbread button


The head:
Paint the face on the round ball head. Also paint clothes pin base black. If necessary, use a pencil to sketch in the details. The triangular red nose should be in the center of the face. Let dry. (note: I used the handle of the paintbrush to dot on the eyes, and a toothpick to make the small dots under the eyes.)

For the hair, rap the red yarn snuggly, in a single layer, around a CD jewel case. Start about a 1/2" from one side to the CD case, and stop about 1/2" from the other side. Slide the yarn off the CD jewel case, and tie together in the middle, with a 10" piece of red yarn, to form a loose pom pom. Tie the 10" yarn again near the top to form a loop for hanging. Shorten loop if necessary. Arrange yarn hair on top of round ball, using the tied line, as the middle part, and glue down. Trim bangs above face.

The body: Measure the length of the "legs" of your clothes pin. Cut a piece of red striped paper as long as the "legs" and 1" wide. With the 1" sides as top and bottom, the stripes should be horizontal. After checking for proper positioning, wrap the horizontally striped paper around legs, tuck in the edges between legs, and secure with glue. (note: I purchased my striped paper from a craft store. It was for scrapbooking. If you are unable to find red and white striped paper, you might have luck printing this stripes.gif.)
Cut a 1 1/4" by 2 1/2" piece of gingham fabric. Wrap fabric around top of clothes pin and secure with glue. The top 2 1/2" side of the fabric should be just under the "neck" of the clothes pin, and the overlapping seam should be in the back of the clothes pin. Glue a 2 1/2" piece of white rick-rack around the neckline to finish off.

Clothes pin base should already be painted black. Slide onto bottom of clothes pin body for feet.
The petticoat, skirt, and apron:

Cut a 3" piece of lace trim. Glue top of trim a little under "waist" of clothes pin to make a petticoat.

Cut a 10" by 3 1/2" piece of gingham fabric. Fold in half the long way, with right sides together, to form a long 10" by 1 3/4" piece. On the side
opposite the fold, stitch together to form a tube with a 1/4" seam. (note: if you don't have a sewing machine do a straight stitch by hand.) Turn the tube right side out with seam along top edge and flatten. Stitch 1/4" in from top to form a casing for gathering. This casing is the top of the skirt.

Fold in half the short way, to form a 5" by 1 1/2" piece. On the side opposite the fold, stitch a 1/4" seam up from bottom of the skirt to the casing, but do not stitch through the casing.

Turn right side out so seam is on inside of skirt. Use a small safety pin to pull the 10" piece of gold ribbon through the casing, for gathering. Slide skirt over clothes pin and gather at waist. Knot and bow ribbon in back.

Glue the remaining 2" piece of lace trim to the front of the skirt to make a little apron.

The arms:

Cut a 7" piece of pipe cleaner. Fold back about 1/2" on each end to form little loops which make up the hand. Cut a 6" by 1" piece of red gingham fabric and wrap around the pipe cleaner. Turn under the edges to finish, and secure with glue. Center arms and glue to back of clothes pin body just under the neck. After glue has dried shape arms to meet in front. Finish off by attaching a decorative button to hands with glue.


copyright © 2001 B. Young All rights reserved.

Special thanks to ClubhouseB:

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Words and photos by Dawn,

C&G Design.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First Competition

Madame had her first cheering competition on Saturday, I think she was nervous, I know I was for her. We had to get up at 5 am just to make it many towns away and boy! I thought the elementary band was loud!!!! It's nothing compared to this cheering music dubbed with many songs and many sound effects like ricocheting gunshots, deafening....especially if you have never been to one before and you foolishly sit by the speaker. I must say I was very impressed right away, of course the Maine state all-stars opened the show and they were fabulous! Throwing the high fliers around and spinning them in the air, cool! I can see why cheering has the most injuries of all sports, those girls are very serious, so serious that I'd never seen so many hair pieces and ribbons in one place before. You could tell who had done this since birth, they gave the expressions that entertained and amused.
Madame was tired after the show as was I. Four hours on the bleachers was more than I could stand, the place was wall to wall people and I had to go pee!

C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Premature Baby

I can remember when my husband and I first started in the heating business as independents, it was a poor time for the economy, and that being such, work came in slowly. Well, my husband was already connected with a supplier that really guided us through all we needed to do, including offering free in services. I must say...although it was needed, the first in service was in Massachusetts and it was the first time we spent a night apart. What did I do? Why, of course, I made a doll, not just any doll but one that makes you stop and pause, one that makes you say "hummm, not so sure it's a cutie." She is pictured above as the middle doll. My idea initiated with the current (at the time) trend to shape it like a spoon, reference spoon dolls, but she did not turn out that way. To me...she has a premature look about her, being she is tiny. Anyway, I kept her AND after all these years, I still have the pattern, I do not have the cloths because her dress is made as a simple gathered skirt attached to a sewn tube with straight sleeves. After you construct the dress you slip the baby in and using ribbon you tighten a drawstring around the neck, She also wears a cloth as a diaper.
Here is her pattern: cut 4 arms and four legs, stitch right sides together, leave opening to be able to turn and stuff, slip stitch closed. Arms and legs are attached with buttons. Pattern page 2 need to have the appropriate pieces from pattern page 3 attached at the straight edges. Cut one back, one front and 2 sides, stitch with right sides together (you can embroider the face before assembling or after), turn and stuff, slip stitch opening.

You will find you'll need to clip the curves and stuff pretty tightly, if her legs are properly placed she will sit alone.

Use anything you desire for hair, even a wisp of cotton would be cute. Mine is looped yarn glued on top.
Enjoy! C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,

C&G Design.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cupid Day and Cupid Night

I've always loved this print.
Happy Valentine's Day!
C&G Design

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