Friday, February 26, 2010


A little while ago I had a nice mom ask about my blue polka dot elephant I have on Esty, he/she has several favorites and it is cute. She asked if I offered other colors and I pretty much said I did and could as long as I could get the pattern. After showing her some of my colors and after she purchased her own fabric for me (which is nice!), I was hired to make 2 of these stuffed elephants in grey and camouflage. The buyer's husband was in the military and they are going for camo which all boys like. Oh, I forgot to mention, boy one is 2 years and and boy two will be born in June.
Make the two elephants from another pattern........I could not find the pattern. :( I thought I had time to really tear everything apart (that's how I found the pattern for yesterdays post) and I did tear everything apart, even the ole' camper which I still have some crafts in. Nada....I found everything else, the horse, the teddies, and the bunnies but no elephant. Drat! It should of been in the pattern box with all the aforementioned but.....sadly , no.
I resolved to create another from the blue elephant.
I sat and I traced and I measured and when I was happy I prototyped a grey flannel elephant, here is the results:

Okay, maybe if I made it in brown I could glue strings of brown yarn around the head and make it a woolly mammoth! The forehead was to high, the trunk to close, and the legs to skinny. Madame wants me to finish it for her, oay vey.
Here is the second attempt after alterations:

Okay, I like this one, the forehead is perfect, the trunk and the legs are too! But, but it IS a skinny elephant, HA! I still may post this on Etsy, I haven't decided yet. Everyone likes it except my first critic, my husband.

Fortunately I know what I did, I shortened the sides of the tummy gusset. Gussets are very touchy and my elephant has 2, the other is the forehead of all places......go figure.

What do you think? I added a little bulk to the behind to make more of a curve and the ears are not exact but we like this version better.

I also made sure I was rested before painting the eyes, if you notice on the brown one, I see eyes to high and that bothers me more than the weight issue. We should all have that problem....these two are a pair of Bobsy twins.

I also did the tail differently, I made a camo tail with grey yarn sticking out of it as if it's the hair on the end of the tail, The old one was braided yarn and I was never happy with that.
I think I copied this pattern from my MIL and threw it away when I was done, or I loaned it to a friend and never got it back. I have it now, stored with all the rest.
This is why I don't copy other people's work, I semi stink at it.
I can't even do my own! C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,

C&G Design.


tina said...

You did a fantastic job!

Skeeter said...

They look great Dawn! Doesn’t Madame work without patterns at times? Hum, maybe mom should pay more attention to Madame’s techniques. hee hee....

Jean said...

They all look good to me but then again, you know me with all elephants, owls and seals....they all look good to me as there are NO bad ones.

Well that storm was real fun. We did not get one single snowflake but oh boy, we got sheets and sheets of rain and mega wind. We had no power for 24 hours and no cable for 36 hours. We were some excited to get power back at 7:30pm last night. Terri-Lynn had said yesterday that it might be days since Harpswell was the worst hit with poles being snapped and only the pole setters would be here till all the poles were set (so much for being second in comand for the goverment in Harpswell being told the truth by trusty ole CMP), thankfully. There are 3 phases of power in Harpswell and we are on #3 but when all are out, #3, just yet another strange thing from CMP (but good for us) gets it back first. Terri-Lynn's and our house are the last houses on #3 so the house across from the shore road did'nt get power when we did. When I looked outside and see it all dark at my closest neighbor (except Terri-Lynn), I feel a little guilty. More good news in Harpswell, they just said on the scanner that another phase just got power.

CC said...

Well..I like them all, and think you've done a wonderful job with them. You are amazing with what you do, your work is just beautiful and I love the little elephants.