Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kitchen Copper Collection-Part 1

Some of it is good stuff, but most of it isn't, none the less one of my collections anyway. A recent collection, from the time of moving, and since I have the space!

Kathleen from Rural Maine Life , and Debbie from Blueberry Plains did a post on their collections, it prompted me to do the same. Check out their posts (Kathleen's in 3 parts), they are interesting and beautiful. Here is a lone cup that sit on a nook shelf, it reminds me of those cups the old time prisoners banged on the bars of their cell. Only in the movies.

Some pots on the shelf behind my sink. I like the one on the left side. Jack of all Trades found that one for me, it has a lid.

Jello molds! None of these I'm showing today could you cook in. I have a few you might, but I'll save that for part 2.

A couple of cute little butter molds. C&G Design.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Filigree Necklace and Earrings

I tend to jump around with my projects and I kinda feel like it from getting "stuck" on one project, so for the instant gratification, I do a short little something in between. I've always had a tender spot for filigree jewelry, so when I saw these beads, I jumped on them. They appear to be a soft brass.
I worked a little with the gold colored wire and thought....hummmm, maybe I can make a matching choker necklace to match the earrings I'd created minutes before.

You can't really tell from the photo but the necklace has a serpantine chain on both sides of the clasp, which is BTW a lobster clasp. The four beads are placed on a pin then you add the cute little flowers I made. One can not really go wrong with the daisy pattern, any daisy pattern for that matter. My necklace measures 18'' and while not expensive, attarctive costume jewerly just the same.

And headed for Etsy, along with some vintage stuff. Gosh! I've got to get rid of some of these things! I really do....C&G Design

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Silk Ribbon Flowers

One of my favorite looking embroidery technique is silk ribbon. This type of needlework is best for flowers and is rather quick moving as a nice embroidered project can be. Here are some of the commonly used stitches in making the flowers. Obviously the straight stitch is done in two parts and usually this is the stem stitch when talking about floss or crewel work. The back stitch again, looks like the completed stem stitch but the loose alteration of these stitches are to provide a easier placement of the ribbon. Both stitches, along with the split stitch, are used in outlining. The other three illustrated stitches are pretty self explanatory.
I use silk ribbon application only on cloth that won't be washed frequently, washing destroys the dimension silk ribbon embroidery is known for.

Click on pincushion for a free silk ribbon project that is a perfect gift for the gardener AND the seamstress.

C&G Design

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pink Saturday-Sprinkle

Click here for more PINK PRETTIES. C&G Design

Friday, March 27, 2009

Plaster doll-socks and shoes

I have sought to the deepest parts of me to decide what to do with my plaster doll, I finally settled on a thought.....shabby, bag lady, art doll. But what is that? Well, I thought the best thing to do was to just start. A downsized version of Diane Keaton in "Annie" or a image of the unknown "Aunt". You know, the one that pinches cheeks and wears to bright red of lipstick!? I decided the latter will be the target. And baggy knee-hi stockings came to my mind.

What would be the right shoes for her? Something not to fancy but something not to plain. I don't think the idea of a slipper type shoe is working.....not in leather at least.

They aren't to bad when viewed from the side AND they will have a closure at the top of the shoe.....I guess the problem is....I made her foot with a hi-heel.
That's it! Tomorrow we will work on felt Mary Jane pumps. HA! C&G Design

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Update on Veshneau

I'm really not sure this new kitty fits with our household, she goes out of her way to be unfriendly with the other cats and just recently, has decided to socialize with other humans beside Madame. I found one spring day, she has a motor and purrs! It will be a short trip to get along with the other cats because as the weather warms, Veshneau can expect to go outside. Here she is burring her nose in Wooly's tail, ONLY, ONLY, because she knew he couldn't do anything about it. Notice Jack of all Trades arm is in the way. Build a bridge and get over it!

I am aware Veshneau has moved 8 times and spent some of that time with kids under eight, six, four, and younger but by gosh! She has a few issues. Madame spent one night bawling and insisting Veshneau go back because her cat (Sophia) had been abandoned by her, O....Kay....Sophia could care less! Really.

Beyond Veshneau rearranging Madames room and camping out at areas Madame is at, ie= Napping on the extra kitchen chair while Madame has supper, Veashneau will find a bed in the clean clothes, and IF, the clothes aren't available......any piece of attire will do like JOAT"s coat. Apparently it is the best bed.

AND!...she has a bad reaction to flea collars, drops and powders. Why, why, why? C&G Design

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Today's Greeting

Have a snuggle, cuddle, warm day!
C&G Design

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

About U

Everyone knows about.... About.com and if they don't, they have lived under a rock somewhere. It's a collective dot com that has many contributors on many different subjects and a place where I find helpful information.

I'm not sure everyone knows about....About U though. It's part of About.com only About U offers free online classes. Everything from health to computers to hobbies and gardening. I'm taking a 6 week class of Macrame, I've never learned this art but I have always had a desire to do so. I just picked up the materials I need to get going, check out the stuff on the far right. They are glass, swirly, imitation, shell pieces and they were only 50 cent per package. I regret I didn't buy all they had but maybe a trip back this week will enhance my supply.

C&G Design.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Plaster doll-assemblage

My doll is ready to be painted and ready to be put together. I had taken her limbs off the copper wire sooo many times the newspaper was beginning to shift! Making it that much harder to place the leg or arm in the right socket.

I really was nervous about manipulating the copper wire in a loop that was acceptable to me. What would happen if the wire snapped? If anything, I knew the joints needed padding, otherwise the friction of plaster against plaster would cause crumbling. I used felt disc.

I MADE the permanent fixture of the limbs as painless as I could, it was nothing fancy and nothing that took a lot of time. I use the two pliers pictured to get the loop I wanted and the third tool to cut the excess copper. It took five minutes.

I think she is assuming a character of her own. I'll trim the felt so it is functional yet invisible. I need to touch her up and varnish her quickly, she took a header off the table and chipped her toes! Hopefully a hardening agent will help prevent that.

I think the outfit will be next. C&G Design

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oops! I did it again.

Yep, Madame has another boudoir doll to add to her collection. This one is elegant with her flowing red dress and her downward glance.
We'll have to name them all very shortly. C&G Design

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pink Winner!

I hate to say it....no, not really. Madame has made my Pink Saturday (click on the highlighted) post for two weeks in a row. The first twirler composition of the year brought a Miss Photogentic contest of which Madame was entered, along with 40 others. She was choosen as a semi finalest, 1 out of 15, 15 out of 40. Hip, Hip, Hurray!

These are the pictures we entered, she is in her team coustume (sneaker night is the routine) and as you can see, a mostly pink jersey. It was snowing that day in January.

BTW, the winner was the only male majorette out of 72 participants. He is a state champ! Madames age group. Ay, iy, iy.

C&G Design.

Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring! 2009

Finally! The countdown is over, today is the first day of spring although it doesn't feel differently from the last day of winter! I thought, to properly represent today, we could take a walk around my yard and see some of the blooms from summer 2008. Yellow pansy......

purple pansy.......

dripping hosta......

hidden asters.

Beautiful beechnuts....

happy hydranga....

prettier purple pansies.

Pink joe pye weed...

brillant bunchberry.....

lovely blazing star....

wonderful pearly everlasting!

Foxy fireweed.....

one lone sprig of baby's breath.

Starting sedam....


rabbit's foot fern.... fortunate for the rabbit....

glowing golden rod. (Bee is free....)

Darling daylily.......

doubled ruffled......

rival roses.......

showey snowball bush.......

everlasting, aster!

Not sure......

parking spot pleasure......

friendlier fireweed.

Heavy hurricaned hydranga...

same here.

Some flutterby......

while others catch the eye....

and yet some seem to rise.....

also, sedam set in time.

Purple protuding hosta....

pink protuding partner.

Handsome holly.....

heavy follies.

Shredded paper for the nest.....

this corner is the best!

Sweetness shrub....

vibrant violets....

taming trillium.

Glory of the mountain.....

overlooking bleeding heart.

Hens and chick.....

greenier grass, the pick!

A tree with long dots.....

some small plox...........

living lily of the valley spot.

And, mountain laurel.....
bye for now.

C&G Design.