Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kitchen Copper Collection-Part 1

Some of it is good stuff, but most of it isn't, none the less one of my collections anyway. A recent collection, from the time of moving, and since I have the space!

Kathleen from Rural Maine Life , and Debbie from Blueberry Plains did a post on their collections, it prompted me to do the same. Check out their posts (Kathleen's in 3 parts), they are interesting and beautiful. Here is a lone cup that sit on a nook shelf, it reminds me of those cups the old time prisoners banged on the bars of their cell. Only in the movies.

Some pots on the shelf behind my sink. I like the one on the left side. Jack of all Trades found that one for me, it has a lid.

Jello molds! None of these I'm showing today could you cook in. I have a few you might, but I'll save that for part 2.

A couple of cute little butter molds. C&G Design.


Kathleen said...

Dawn, what a great collection. Those jello molds....oh how I love those. I had a few in my time. Copper is so warm, and the glow just adds so much to a room. Those little butter molds are too cute. I am so glad you shared this collection! Hugs, Kathleen

Jean said...

Nice collection and looking forward to the rest.

Debbie said...

Cool stuff Dawn! I like the pot you pointed out too! My house has been kind of country designed for quite a few years and I am in the middle of slowly changing that but I have some molds as well hanging on my beam and kitchen gadgets and what nots! The stuff we collect! Thanks for mentioning me in your blog my friend! I love copper too. What else do you collect? Can't wait to see!

tina said...

I love the look of copper-very beautiful!

Protector of Vintage said...

I love how you have those jello molds arranged around the doorway!

TC said...

Very unique. I think it looks really homey and adds warmth to your living space. Great job! Can you decorate my garage? ;~P

Dawn said...

Hi guys,
Nice day today in Maine, snow melting and the sun shinning, tomorrow is April fools hopfully it will be just as nice. You all be on your toes! I pity my kids teacher, oay vey.
TC, you are too funny!