Sunday, March 15, 2009

Negotiating with Needlepoint

I think my title is quite appropriate since I really did not need more needlepoint kits and I will be letting Madame do a few. Which few though, I have only my bell pull left from the existing needlepoint and these may not be easy for her. The above photo is luggage straps, isn't that a cool kit?
This one is cute too, it says;
Upon this sampler
you may see
my name,
birth date,
my friends an me.

This one can be read and it falls in the same cuteness category, but they both are small counted cross stitch and not a good choice for Madame.

Ah ha! We have a winner, maybe. It's a good choice because it's one stitch and it's a small project so the reward will be quick. Loop stitch which is a tight loop with a loose loop. Trim apart loose loops when completed.

Then again, candlewicking is fun, the thing about this one is the white on white, that's the candlewicking. The white is cotton thread that doesn't twist and here you see french knots, hummmm...

Another small counted cross stitch. Not a good one.

This is the only kit that came without the yarn, I have plenty though. Maybe. It's large and forgiving in it yarn stitches. Whew, I'm glad I have the photo of it.

And wha-la! This is why I paid $2.99 for the whole sch bang!
It's roses too. C&G Design


tina said...

I think Madame can handle them all. She might surprise you.

Jean said...

I agree with Tina and btw, they are all very cute but the pillow is gorgeous.

Skeeter said...

Another great buy! I agree, I think they can all be taken on my Madame.