Thursday, September 5, 2013

Getting back into the swing...

Boy! It seems like such a long time since I've posted and I guess it is.
I've done a lot of crafts since my health has got back to normal. YAH!
I have finished this pretty beauty...
And instead of using the pieces I had, altering the pattern and assigning a generic name....I've found out this pattern is called "SISTERS CHOICE" . Wow, I was dumbfounded.
I have made 19 new dolls but only 4 different kinds. I need to dress 2 of them so they will be upcoming.
I had a urge to oil paint and I've since started a large themed  photo of a mama elephant with her baby. Elephants capture my attention no matter what they are the subject of. I think they are complex and amazing in their quiet and under spoken hierarchy ways of living.
I have finished this dedication to my cancer embroidery sampler, only needing to hand stitch the border and quilt my lines.I have seen lots of family in the last year, three of my nieces have had babies of their own and my sister was seriously sick but is much better now.
Madame continues to dance, cheer and go to school, she has grown in the last two years.
Oh, my husband and I built this,
He has always promised me one and now it is TRUE! Next will be the orchard.
Lastly, on a sad companion of fifteen and a half years passed. 

What a triumphant dog he was. C & G Design

Words and photos by Dawn, C&G Design.