Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy about Horseman

I found this little girl in the bin at Goodwill, she was $.99, I was ecstatic when I saw she is marked "Horseman". If you enlarge the photo you'll see she still has her hairnet (thank goodness for Macro!) but she's not a waitress! She is a new doll so not very collectible but I don't care, she is intact and someday she will be in the value books. Horseman is one of the oldest doll makers, having the rights to Mary Poppins, Poor Pitiful Pearl and various others. My favorite!

Ohhhh, and she has her shoes!

She is "Alice" from Alice in Wonderland! C&G Design.

P.S.--Visit Karrita from My Mother's Garden to read a interview she has posted about me and some of my crafts.


Kathleen said...

Dawn she's a beauty! What a sharp eye you have. The snow and ice were melting yesterday, and I believe mud season is not too far off. Feelin' good. I'm off to read your interview. Hugs, Kathleen

tina said...

Good morning. What a sweet doll. She looks so much bigger in the picture than I think she actually is. The important thing is you like her.

I visited Karrita and her post looks great! I even got to learn some things about my sister:) I think you went the doll way, where I went the garden way.

Jean said...

She is a beauty. You sure do have luck in getting them, keep it up. Will go and read what Karrita and you have whipped up.

Oh, Kathleen, I hate mud season!!! We had no snow and only a little rain so we did not have a mud season last year but it is here now. When Sarah came on Sat., she had shoes on Josh but yesterday she had his boots on him and that was good as we spent some time outside and oh did he have fun stomping in the mud puddles!! All boy for sure.

Protector of Vintage said...

Cute litte doll! I enjoyed reading the interview!! Very interesting.