Monday, March 23, 2009

Plaster doll-assemblage

My doll is ready to be painted and ready to be put together. I had taken her limbs off the copper wire sooo many times the newspaper was beginning to shift! Making it that much harder to place the leg or arm in the right socket.

I really was nervous about manipulating the copper wire in a loop that was acceptable to me. What would happen if the wire snapped? If anything, I knew the joints needed padding, otherwise the friction of plaster against plaster would cause crumbling. I used felt disc.

I MADE the permanent fixture of the limbs as painless as I could, it was nothing fancy and nothing that took a lot of time. I use the two pliers pictured to get the loop I wanted and the third tool to cut the excess copper. It took five minutes.

I think she is assuming a character of her own. I'll trim the felt so it is functional yet invisible. I need to touch her up and varnish her quickly, she took a header off the table and chipped her toes! Hopefully a hardening agent will help prevent that.

I think the outfit will be next. C&G Design


tina said...

She definitely has lots of character. Looking good. Glad she wasn't too awfully damaged when she fell.

Jean said...

Glad only her toes got damage in the header. Can't wait to see her in an outfit!

Kathleen said...

Does she have a name yet? I can't wait to see what you'll dress her in. THanks for letting me know about Fairy Day...I'm all for celebrating that. Only 11 degrees here at 7 AM. Hugs, Kathleen

lola said...

She's looking good. Can't wait to see her costume.

Anonymous said...


Skeeter said...

Get that dollie some clothes to wear and soon before she catches a cold! Will she have shoes to hide the damage?

Clara Di Vincenzo said...

Ya quiero ver esa muñeca de yeso terminada.
Muchos saludos.