Monday, February 22, 2010

A win!

Madame had another competition on Saturday, this time the drive wasn't to bad but she needed to be in at noon and the show didn't start until 3:20. Of course, if we left, we would have no spot to sit, so there we sat....for 3 and a half hours.....on the the gym.

We had 4 in our division and we were to be on show, 6th. By 5:30 it was time for awards. Our team missed one stunt, the high flier actually wasn't able to lift on the last standing. I figured we would have to listen to Madame complain about losing all the way home, especially since she text me saying they didn't do so well. You can hear the spectators go "ahh" when a flub happens and since all the cheerleaders are moving, they are never certain what happened, this flub was behind Madame.

All the teams sit come down on the mat for a "Jive" song, they all do together, step right, step left, jump once, now cha cha! And so on. When the judges were ready all the girls (and one guy) sat down. Right off the bat.....we were awarded "good sportsmanship" plaque. Two were given but there was a total of about 15 teams. I was so happy! I hooted and hollered, hubs looked at me weirdly but I had no care. Then we took second! And got a trophy! The team had not won in about 7 years! But those awards had all the girls on cloud 9.
We went to have Chinese buffet, it was goooood. A few out of town girls were there and we heard them being down. Been there!
But not tonight! C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,

C&G Design.


Debbie said...

That girl is so darned photogenic! She's adorable and not one bit shy!! She will be going places in life...that one! Lucky you to have such a great girl. Funny how kids are? My daughter is just like that and my son is soooo shy he will barely speak to strangers! Sounds like you had a grand time anyway! That was funny about hubs giving you "the look"....I've gotten that "look" too! I think we can tend to embarass our quiet hubbies some times!.~.

tina said...

Cloud 9 indeed! Congrats!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Wow, congratulations on both wins. She has every reason to be very proud of herself and her team.

Jean said...

Good for Madame and her teammates. I guess that made all the bleacher sitting worth it. Way to go girl!!!!

As for the buffet, if it was the one we went to, you should have called me and I would have come over. That was the best Chinese buffet I have ever eaten at!!

How about all the medals being won by native maineiacs? They sure have done us proud!!!! Brode Miller has 2 more events to go so may get more. Loved his reaction to his gold yesterday. Made me tear up even.

Dawn said...

Mom, it was the same and I'll remember that the next time. First compo was in scarbough (sp), we were up at 5 am! My friend let me borrow her GPS, thank goodness!
Yeh! I saw that on GMA this am, good for us!

Kathleen said...

I'm with Debbie, your daughter is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Congratulations to Madame and her gang for the trophies! Wish I could have gone to the chinese buffet...that sounded like a really good time. How's your butt after sitting on those bleachers for 3 and a half hours???
hugs, Kathleen

Skeeter said...

Love the picture of a smiling Madame! She is such a cutie pie and a busy girl too. Dont know how she (not to mention mom) find time for all these activities! I need some of that energy please. lol…

I so embarrass the Saint in public sometimes with my big mouth. I tell him he does not know how to have fun. hee hee…

Jean, I was wondering if we were the only ones watching the Olympics this year. No one is really talking about them like in past years. Wonder what is up with that… I was happy for Lindsey Vonn when she won her Gold. She was so emotional. And that Anton Ohno is an awesome guy with his sport and interviews. Such a gracious person. Bode is the comeback giant and Shaun White is untouchable….

Lola said...

Congrats Madame & crew. Way to go girl.
Dawn, you have a very cute talented girl. She will go places.

Protector of Vintage said...

Congrats to your daughter!! Love the photos.

Nancy said...


I hear NH is getting 14 inches of snow...isn't NH close by Vermont?

Uh oh, I guess we are due.