Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First Competition

Madame had her first cheering competition on Saturday, I think she was nervous, I know I was for her. We had to get up at 5 am just to make it many towns away and boy! I thought the elementary band was loud!!!! It's nothing compared to this cheering music dubbed with many songs and many sound effects like ricocheting gunshots, deafening....especially if you have never been to one before and you foolishly sit by the speaker. I must say I was very impressed right away, of course the Maine state all-stars opened the show and they were fabulous! Throwing the high fliers around and spinning them in the air, cool! I can see why cheering has the most injuries of all sports, those girls are very serious, so serious that I'd never seen so many hair pieces and ribbons in one place before. You could tell who had done this since birth, they gave the expressions that entertained and amused.
Madame was tired after the show as was I. Four hours on the bleachers was more than I could stand, the place was wall to wall people and I had to go pee!

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Lola said...

That's cute. Good for Madame. What we won't do for our kids.

tina said...

I'd be most tired too! I hope you had one of those cushioned thingys with a back for the bleachers!

Dawn said...

Tina, there wasn't room to sit straight, because of someone in front and in back you kinda had to sit sideways, my knees screamed when I stood! Only 1 event with son was like this, regional pinewood derby x3 years. Boy scouts. Thought it was over!

Debbie said...

Wow....4 hours on bleachers would have sent me into a tailspin! My body would not permit it...well my knees wouldn't! That is sooo uncomfortable!! The things we do for our kids eh? You are a great mom Dawn....hope your kids appreciate just how wonderful you are. Good for Madame....she is not shy one bit is she?? That's great!

Skeeter said...

4 hours on bleachers would have killed me back and butt for sure! As we say here in the South, “Bless your heart” :-) Madame is such the little active one with all her fun things in life. Cheering is dangerous. My niece broke her nose when tossed into the air and not flipped correctly. Ouch!

Next time, take ear plugs! lol

Jean said...

Oh my goodness, that was a long, long time. Kudos to all involved.

Sounds like we will get a fair snow fall tonight. Josh and I went out and did some raking in the front garden yesterday and now this. Oh well, we have had it so easy this winter I guess we can't complain.

Nancy said...

And, I thought they only wore ribbons and hairpieces in Texas!

Those bleachers hurt! We spent many weekends at swim meets sitting on them. Ouch! The music was loud, too.

Or, maybe I am old! (naw!)

Still, this is the greatest. She is having fun and making wonderful memories for both of you.