Tuesday, May 12, 2009

There's a mouse in the house

DISCLAIMER: I have to say right up front, this is a post about my cats and that no harm came to any mouse.

Why not? You ask? One of the reasons to have a cat is to have a good mouser, the other reasons include company, friendship, and sometimes, their ability to make us laugh. One of my felines is a good mouser, this cat can be in a dead sleep upstairs and jolt awake, fly down over the stairs, only to catch a mouse. Problem.....the cat has no killer instinct, in fact this cat doesn't play and toss these little rodents around, the cat is a live gift giver. Oh my. I don't care how clean one's home is, I've yet to see one mouse free. Through the heating business, I've had the opportunity to be in many basements, basements of the most pristine houses. There is either a noise maker plugged in (annoying the mouses hearing), evidence of traps, or worse chewed material! Well, one part of our house is over a garage and sometimes....both overhead doors are open, even all day long. It's a habit we must stop!

I'm convinced these mice find their way in and through the second story plumbing. I've even found large toads in that part of the house (the garage)! Last spring we had baby mice appear from under the bathroom vanity, there is a dead spot there and since the plumbing comes straight from the floor into the vanity itself, it's perfect! I'd blame the builders....except that's me! Anyhow, since I do have cats poison is out! I couldn't deal with traps, even harder, I couldn't deal with a mouse sitting in the dogs food dish while a cat was drinking water from the other dish.

I broke down and invested in those electronic devices.

It worked....until lately. Which cat won't maim a rodent? Won't play with it til death?And occasionally let's it go just so the chase could be on again! Always, always brings it to us so we can watch.

The above mouse was the second one caught on this day. The first one was caught and brought to Madame's bed early in the morning! Madame moved quick enough! Thank goodness it wasn't my football playing 16 year old son who will walk on the furniture when one of these scurry creatures is around! Only if, Madame thought well enough to grab the cat! CAT! Thank goodness the mouse was addled and still trying to get it's bearings when DH went to go get it. It was still there and quite lively, as with the one in the above picture. Get the idea? Astute hearing, amazing quickness, compassion not to kill.

Would it be the scrappy stray, Sophia? Who lived on rodents and string beans before coming to us?

The furious coon cat? Who could add a mouse to his collection of sticks that accompany him inside the house "getting caught" in his fur?

Or the sassy Siamese? Who is seven, likes my clean clothes (and dirty), and is crossed eyed?

I know! It's the big guy! No, no, no.

Two of these two feline pets are whispering, "Psst, you don't have to do that anymore, we get food from a box, remember?" The conversation would then continue like this...."Hey, man. Your making us look bad, try to be lazy, will ya?"

But...Veshneau, doesn't listen, even with her big ole' ears and her bad vision, a cat is a cat, is a cat......"Who me?"

She must see at least three mice where there is only one. Truly amazing..... C&G Design


tina said...

Funny funny funny! Good post! I hate mice. We have them too-though I don't see them anymore since we have chemicals out and the cat. They are in the shed down in the yard though. I hate those critters. My dogs kill them as does the cat. The cat usually gets the chipmunks too but she has been slacking lately. I might need to hold back some of her food! Just kidding. That is too funny. P.S. I am hoping JOAT did not release outside. I won't ask what he did and poor Madame!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I loved your post. I have 6 cats, 3 of them enormous Maine Coons (Cleopatra, Frankincense and Myrrh), 1 siamese mix named SASSY! An all black kitty, Boo, and a Ragamuffin named... Muffin (not mine originally, she's acquired). That mouse picture is adorable, I couldn't hurt mouses myself... I was so afraid it was dead; ) oh my. LOL@me, old softie xJ

Skeeter said...

Funny Post today. Reminds me of how Garfield and the mice are friends. Now the Spider, that is a different story...

I fear the day a mouse gets into our house. My two little fur balls will be on it like a bat out of well, you know. I believe they would both play until the death. Sheba was a great hunter before we took her into the house so I think her instinct to kill would still be in her tiny bones. Cheetah would just want to play and she would play a bit too rough.

So far the mice only seem to like to eat my roots in the garden and stay out of the house. Frogs, that is another story. The Saint was to go up on the roof and put screen over the bathroom vent pipes this weekend but he missed the chore on the Honey Do list. Frogs are coming down the pipes and into the toilet and a frog on ones butt while tinkling or other is not my idea of a fun way to teach me how to dance!

He will be up on the roof with me behind him with a rolling pin before long...

Kathleen said...

Dawn, love your post. Mr. Ming has enjoyed playing with a mousy several times. One morning he brought the live mouse on my bed...I was in it!!!! He will kill it eventually, but really loves chasing it, stunning it, and chasing it again. Cats, you gotta love them and their ways. Enjoy the sunshine today!, hugs, Kathleen

DP Nguyen said...

Hilarious! Mice scare me... so that's why I love that Luka will chase and kill them for me. She has already done it twice, so hopefully the mice will be scared and run away!

Debbie said...

Oh Dawn I loved your post today!! My favortie parts were the who done it pictures of the cats and the dog and that little mouse curled up and being held by the tail it looks like! Hilarious!! It starts out like a mystery novel....really cute. We got a family of mice only once in my house and that was when we brought my husbands old set of speakers over from his bachelor pad. They had nested in the back of the speakers. We turned the speakers on really loud and the next thing you know my old dog Lupe was cornering all three! Too funny.

Jean said...

Very funny. Poor Madame but I think I'd rather have it in my bed than in my cereal box. LOL But then again, maybe not if it is alive.