Sunday, May 31, 2009

Redwork, Block 17, Parakeet

Okay...I'm skipping around and I really should not be, 2 pets and 2 insects are left. I'm 4 away from 20 blocks! How did that happen!?! Well, I have a squirrel for a pet, puppies for a pet, and I know I need kitties. How about parakeets? The only other thing I could see was goldfish and they would fall in the water category and not the pet. Hummm, hard, hard choice, I considered a ferret but that would be way confusing! Duck? No. Horse? Nope. Pet birds are nice.

And why aren't this birdies called a 'dove'? Because a pair of doves would sound funny........Boo....Hiss..... Bad joke, I know. C&G Design


lola said...

Great job. I really like this little guy.
Almost there, getting close, can't wait for the finale.

tina said...

I am not getting the joke. But parakeets are fun pets.

On my way out of town. Will check in when I can.

Jean said...

Birds are great pets but I think your keet looks more like a parrot.
Cute as all birds top my list.

Have a safe trip and have fun and don't work too hard Tina.

Skeeter said...

I just somehow knew there would be a bird in the bunch! Looking good and getting excited about the finished product...