Sunday, May 24, 2009

Redwork, Block 14-Sea Turtle

I put off thinking about including this turtle, I had another one printed off but I decided it was to cartoon-like, this one looked hard with the different lines in the shell. But it was reeeally easy, all I had to do was follow it like a spiderweb, out from the center, back in...doing the outline stitch along the way.
I'm glad I chose this version of sea turtle. C&G Design


tina said...

Looks good!

lola said...

Oh My a sea turtle. They are a gorgeous creature. I saw one in NY. one time. So big. Sadly they aren't taken better care of.
Love it.

Jean said...

Good choice as it looks very nice.

Judi said...

Oh these turtles are so sweet! You are dong such a great job.
come by and visit some time when you have some time..
its nice to meet new friends.
have a lovely Memorial Day weekend

Skeeter said...

Love the turtle!