Friday, January 2, 2009

Felt Ornament-Gingerbreadhouse

Ahhh, I get a chance to use my day glow orange! What better than a gingerbread house that looks like sherbet? I had fun doing this one, when I'm decorating a gingerbread house, I feel the sky 's the limit! The gumdrops on the side of the house and at the top of the chimney has glitter paint on them, giving a sugary appearance.

Eighteen pieces not including the fancy trim.

I used white for the back, again I cut it with zig zag shears.

Can't you just pull a piece off and eat it!! C&G Design


Kathleen said...

Hi Dawn...I see you are an early riser as well. Love the gingerbread house. I may try my hand at making one myself..the possiblities for trims are endless. What fun! Been a bit chilly here in the north, hasn't it? BRRRRRRRR XO Kathleen

lola said...

It looks yummy. I wouldn't mind one hanging on my tree.

tina said...

Not the felt kind, add some real candy and I surely will!:)

Skeeter said...

How cute! At one of our Christmas stores, they had an entire tree decorated in Gum Drops and Gingerbread house's! If I had kids, I would have had to invest in that new themed tree. lol

Jean said...

It is very cute but I don't want any gumdrops as I never liked them unless they are black.

Just got back from Portland and since we have not heard from Christy she must have gotten off okay. We stayed till she went thru security and she texted us at 10:45 and said she was on the plane. She said she would call when she gets to Texas.