Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Little Fairy Pictures Book

Illustrated by Johnny Gruelle; 1910 (creator of Raggedy Ann, Andy and family) Cheery Cricket
Gingerbread man

Ugly Caterpillar

Jimmy crow

Good finger fairy

Granny Hawkins Mole hill
Uncle Clem

Rubber Dubbery

Quarrel of Winds
Happy story

Discontented king

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Jean said...

The good finger fairy is real cute but I miss Ann and Andy today:( When reading it I surely thought Johnny would end with them.

Dawn said...

Nope, this was one of his early, early books.

Skeeter said...

Neat little Fairy Fellows but as jean, I too missed Ann or Andy. sniff sniff, wiping tears until next Wednesday…

tina said...

I was looking for Raggedy Ann when I did not see her I had to look again at the author info. How talented he is!

I am late today, took an exam for a state job. My oh my-can you say H-A-R-D! Even for me-a pretty good test taker! Whew! Fried my brain. Just one more test and I can sit back for a while. Yeah!! I got good scores. Too bad there is a hiring freeze for our state right now-and probably no vacancies either. Sigh.

Kathleen said...

Beautiful illustrations, I enjoyed them so much. Am heading to Bangor on Friday for supply shopping. You gals stay warm! Hugs

Dawn said...

Hi guys, sorry I don't have something directly related to ann, I've got to spread things out ya know.
Next weds maybe be worth it, goodness I can't let Skeeter cry until then!
Good luck with the test Tina, sooo intense, those state exams.
Have fun in Bangor Kathleen, my hubby had a install today at a women's shelter (new furnace), thank goodness they decided to wait til alittle warmer! Your hubby be home soon?