Monday, January 5, 2009

Felt Ornaments-Kitty

I'm really trying to accelerate to the finish line with my felt ornaments, this is number 10. 5 more to go. Did I mention I'm making 4 sets? I thought number 11 would be a mouse but I've since changed my mind, next time.....
No, no, not the special thoroughbred without ear!

Better, although I'm wondering if the eyes should be yellow/green.

The nose is a tad big to handle all the curiosity. C&G Design


Kathleen said...

I think the kitty is perfect! You are so creative, I am jealous. That is one of my resolutions this try to stretch my creativity, and spend a little time every day working on a project...even if for only 20-30 minutes. You are inspriring. Have a great week! Kathleen

lola said...

Real cute Dawn. I don't think his little nose is too big.

tina said...

I bet you are getting tired of felt by now! I think I'd try the yellow/green for eyes and see how it works out. I really like how you hang this up on your window with such a lovely backdrop.

Jean said...

Another cute one!!

Well I guess I am a dummy. I thought you were hanging them outside as I remember you saying your camera took better pictures outside. But I do agree with Tina that it is a good backdrop for them.

Did you get much snow? We did'nt even get a dusting. Almost but still a lot of bare ground. Was nice and warm over the weekend. Terri-Lynn got the outside decorations all taken down. I have 3 boxes of inside stuff packed up. Now have to work on the next 12 or 14. I really need to cut back some.

Cinj said...

Another cute ornament. You sure have a lot of ideas to make out of felt!

Dawn said...

Hi guys,
Thank-you Kathleen
I find I have to do some craft, esp. in the winter with the heating business as crazy as it is on some days.
Thank-you too Lola, seems like his little nose stands out, maybe not.
Tina, I'm getting tired of felt although last night I was thinking of making a garland with a jute line! My picture are taken outside on the hemlock that hangs over the deck, windy here for the last week so the uncoming pictures reflect my difficulties. It get's cold waiting for these ornaments to stop swinging in the breeze! But either way I like the background with these, I did it good this time.
Mom, (see above) tee-hee.
We got a dusting, enough to stick to everything and make the ice slick. I got my decorations down and moved from the third floor to the attic! Yip-ee
Thanks Cinj, I have to stop myself and I'm thinking I'll pick this up with more next year.

tina said...

I thought for sure you were hanging them on your family room window all this time! Ha!

Jean said...

Tina, I said I really need to cut back, did'nt say I would. But I do know I should. I will try.

See there? Even now sometimes mother knows best. Well okay, once in a while.

Skeeter said...

I just love kitty cats!