Friday, October 10, 2008

Christmas Ornaments-Mystery

Sooo, I'm making my second ornament of my new set of six. Madame asked, and she is somewhat shocked to think,...."You're doing what?" "Hang'll see".
Too funny, I decided to post about this mystery and keep it a mystery.
Check out my pieces.

Ahhhh, maybe I should carry on in this it goes. I'd seen this once before and I've always wanted to make one, it looks quite simple, as most ornaments do, but mine ended up being lengthy, it was worth it.

I have to explain my, (and Jack Of All Trades), choice of paint.

I'd bought some glow in the dark paint for a bat house Babe made in scouts. Why? I wanted it to match the Willy Wonky Blue Jay house a customer gave me. It's cute, I'll post sometime on it (I still a screaming bunch of BJ's), anyhow....I read bat houses need to be black to absorb the daylight heat from the sun! So! It never got used......

A glow in the dark ornament! Well... it glows slightly in dim lighting, I know because I tried it after I was done. Perfect for a dimly lit Christmas tree.

Here's the lengthy part....I had to undercoat it with yellow. The glow in the dark paint was to transparent, but it worked well.

Pretty gosh darn bright! Drying time, x's two.... three..... including the glue, 5..... considering I needed to flip side to side in order to paint it completely!

Okay, decorating was easy,but this project has a bit of yarn or thread added to it, I'd seen my first one with strings hanging off it but I decided mine would have loops. Second timely thingy. I just know this is another "I want to keep" from Madame.

Ta-da! Did you guess it by the second photo? C&G Design.


tina said...

I had to look more than once to see the horse. I like the decoration.

lola said...

Really neat idea Dawn. Will have to try this. Kids would love it.

Dawn said...

You guys are on early!
This is fun to make Lola and a perfect kid craft.
Tina, I was afraid of that because it's hard to see the tail with the lace in the background, you'll know why I did it that way when the set is done....I needed a different background.

Jean said...

Very cute. Oh you are so crafty!!

Skeeter said...

Now that is the cutest thing I ever saw! Great project for kids indeed, well, if they have the patients to wait on all the drying....