Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jellyroll Quilt

If you're a quilter you will recognize the's a fat quarter.

Fat quarters are sold anywhere you find fabric, I really think they were a discovery born to get rid of those extras left overs from a project. None the less, they are handy and really cheap, I purchased the one in the picture for 59 cents.

While making , oh, say, The Dresden Plate, one can use many different colors for many different plates, when finished the effect is remarkable. This quilt is also very beautiful with the themed color. you progress with your Dresden Plate you can simply run to the local Wally World, purchase a fat quarter, and wa-la! Another plate with out the expense of a yard of fabric! Sound nice?

I think the world must have many quilt patterns where the fat quarter would be handy. A lot of the Star patterns, Crazy quilting, and Log Cabin are comprised of quarters and they are perfect examples of scrap quilting.

A few days ago I was perusing the Internet, I was looking for a good quilt pattern that would make use of the pieces I already had. I found just what I was looking for but in the mean while......I came across a "Jellyroll Quilt". I've never heard of this, thus began the frantic search to find a Jellyroll quilt.

I read many blogs on making a jellyroll quilt, some people liked it, some didn't. All were in agreement, what a wonderful way to quilt! I read marmalade orange, concord grape and strawberry red........but what is a jellyroll quilt? My vision was, an old fashioned way of layering, maybe tacking? Like toast, butter and some jam? What is a Jellyroll Quilt!?

I even ventured into Amazon in hopes to get a good book cover picture of a "Jellyroll Quilt", no such luck....I read the inventors name of who invented it, a daughter and her mother....or maybe the other way around. No Jellyroll Quilts.

Have you figured it out yet? It's many fat quarters, in complimentary colors, laid flat on one another and rolled up to resemble a jellyroll......

I feel stupid......C & G Design.


Skeeter said...

I never knew they were called Quarters! I now have an overwhelming desire to have some toast and jelly! lol

Dawn said...


Mother Nature's Garden said...

I feel enlightened. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

If this doesn't work, back it up to the site url, then put jelly rolls in the search box.

40 2.5" precut strips, rolled together, as you said. That's what most quilters think of as a jelly roll. Like the bread.

No need to feel stupid. Why would you know if you never came across it before???

Jean said...

Cute and interesting!!! No figuring it out here.