Thursday, October 23, 2008

25 Piece Star Quilt

You know those items that get passed along, or you purchase a box lot, blindly? Kinda like a brief Christmas, when you get the chance to look at it all?

This is like that.....

Here's what I found......several different pieces of squares.

Thus I began a search on the Internet to see exactly how my pieces could fit together to make something beautiful. I'm not sure what the previous owner had in mind but with so many purple pieces I can only gather the plan was a crib quilt.

That's what mine is going to be, see the stitched piece in the background of the first picture?
Gee! My table is a mess!
Anyway, it's called 25 piece star, it's really 29 pieces because the points of the star are triangles stitched together to make the same size square.

The reason you see one star completed is, I needed to see if the star could be done! The cutter of my squares apparently did not use a rotary cutter, it was evident by the drawn lines on the fabric. No two squares were the same size, so no two stars would go together accurately, I got close, although less than perfect.
I began by train stitching my blocks together, you do this by allowing the feed dog of your machine to grab one pinned article after another.
It's kinda neat and if you can prevent yourself from overlapping your fabric, you will be able to work quicker and neater than sewing each one individually.

You could almost flip the rows together and stitch the other way, I didn't do this because my excess thread (where it needed snipping) wasn't that abundant. I sewed my rows together by pinning 3 and 2, then I stitched the two parts together. This is important in explaining the next photo.
Oops, I goofed! Part two (on top) needed to be taken apart. This was my second time doing this mistake.
But after stitching it together AGAIN! And placing it in the finished work area....I decided something didn't look right. Ay, iy, iy, my last stitching had another mistake that I'd copied from the one I'd finished before it! You can see little of the block in the other picture, at that point I really couldn't see this drastic error! I was careful using the little scissors, I made sure my aggravation with myself didn't effect me using my snippers, although.... I did alot of muttering while taking everything apart! LOL!
My squares made eight bigger block, I had only a few 2 inchers left over, grateful I could use them in case I needed to throw out a couple. I have only to iron and even my blocks up by trimming the sides a bit, A MUST for a square, non wavy, quilt.

On to the others.....C & G Design.


tina said...

Oooo my goodness. So much meticulous work goes into your crafts. I would be doing more than muttering to myself if I had to redo it now let me tell you. I might give up all together. Great job can't wait to see it done!

Dawn said...

The star is really something and I'm pretty pleased about it.
That was a dumb mistake, I almost never do that!

Kieny The Dutchlady said...

I love your stars and the colours are wonderful!

Jean said...

It is so pretty Dawn and some baby will get lotsa cuddling from it.

Tina I would also give up. But then again I give up before starting as I would never even attempt to do it. LOL

Dawn said...

Hi guys,
Kieny the dutchlady, glad you stopped by.
Hi mom, going to the NC?