Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fryeburg Fair

I was so grateful that on the last day of the fair, the weather was sunny and not too cold. The day turned into a typical fall day in New England, cool, clear and crisp.
We haven't ventured to the fair for 6 years so we were due to spend a quality day checking everything out. The Fryeburg Fair is the biggest fair of New England and no matter the day, it is always crowded, people cutting paths off and even separating family members from one another! The midway is expansive, long and entwining, I never know where I'm headed but I figure....we'll get there. One is greeted at #6 gate by these beautiful race horses. Jack of all Trades feeding leftover hay.....

We arrived at about 10:00 and spent time with the animals, we also saw the sheep, they were interesting but most all were sleeping.

By noon, when the bracelets went on sale, all the ride lines were long, meaning hurry up and wait.

It was cute listening to Madame explaining the Zipper to us, a ride I grew up with.

I saw clogging for the first time in my life....it looks like tap except, (as it got explained to me by a complete stranger), the shoe plates move and make many more tap sounds. These girls worked hard and were good.
I've got to the age now where all I like is the expos and crafts, and the fried dough! How cute was this frog waterfall? Cute enough it took first place.
This victim gourded himself so full of gourds, his gourd color changed to reflect the full side of the gourds. That was bad......good gourd! (I couldn't resist)! 4th grade exhibit.
I've never heard of Cinderella pumpkin before, how dainty, hummm I need to consider growing some of these.
One! penny dresser cover, I was surprised, lovely cover though.
A Kinder garden exhibit, Frankin-kin.
A pretty herb quilt sampler, great colors.
Jack of all Trades and myself fell in love with this one, see the embroidered bird on the right bottom?

One of these days.....I'll do a red work. It was popular this year but done by machine.
Okay...we are baffled, this took third place. I LIKE TO SEE FIRST AND SECOND!
I really didn't think I'd get this photograph because it was under plexiglass, but it came out pretty good! A tiny veggie garden.
If you can imagine the height of a expo building, this is the comparison of the first place sunflower.

Ahh, first and second place pumpkins. I halfway expected Linus to jump out!

How neat is this? This is a sold display, it's a toadstool lawn ornament carved with a chainsaw, and is done from one tree except the cap Madame is leaning on. It was just beautiful, such talent this young guy has.
How I managed to get this shot is beyond me....I have a delay on my picture taking but decided I'd follow the cart with the camera. I really did it blindly, but I got it! Took me one try. Bet I couldn't do it again....

Yep, didn't take long to start asking for riding lessons....check out the kickin' hat.
We spent more than a few minutes at the oldies photo, Madame insisted she get the wanted poster with her as a gunslinger, she was polite in her facial reaction to being asked about " a saloon chick."
The lady was nice enough she told me I could take my own pictures.
Madame owes me 10$ for the extra 8x10!

I was saying........blacksmiths, how interesting.....
A view from the ferris wheel, the sun setting.....
The truck pull, which was our next visit.....
SOME, of the participants...without them?
Who knows how they sleep, especially the 4-H'ers. C & G Design.


tina said...

You did an awesome job capturing it. Looks like so much fun! I haven't been to any country fairs down here, though I think they have them. I miss them. Thanks for sharing it. Yup, I remember the Zipper. Loved it as a kid.

Dawn said...

Some of the campers were leaving, I'd like to be one of those vendors, Jack of all trades worked this fair years ago and said everyone does well, time to consider being a craft person, soon as I have stock and maybe one of the orignial DIE!
I took almost 50 pics.

lola said...

Looks like a wonderful place to spend a leisurely day. Nice to see all the handiwork.
Better watch out- in a couple yrs. you will have to beat the boys off with a stick.lol

Skeeter said...

Oh what fun I have had at Fairs! My favorites are in Germany as they really know how to Fest it up. But I do like traditional county fairs here also.

Clogging is a must at a Southern County Fair Dawn! My nephews Uncle clogged at his wedding in a fancy Gatlinburg hotel. It was priceless...

The Saint will not play dress up for the old photos with me. He is such a Ba-hum-bug at times! lol. Madame sure looks like she knows how to handle that rifle! Watch out Annie Oakley here comes Madame to give you a run for your money... lol....

I like the Tractor Pulls and Demo Derbies. We have to go to SC to see a Demo Derby as they don’t have them here for some strange reason. We live across the street from the Fairgrounds so we will be at our fair in a couple of weeks. Then I too will have smelly cow, goat and camel hands… Last year a Llama bit me in the hand! Mean ole thing, the goat got all my treats after that! Lol…

Jean said...

Looks like it was an awesome day and the pics are great. We just got back from Portland. Heather and Sandra cried so hard. We adults also did our share. But I am so proud of Christy and she held up really good. Not one tear but was close and told us to leave before she got in the line to go thru security. I think she was worried about Heather and Sandra and also think she was close to breaking down and did not wanna do it in front of Heather and Sandra.
Kinda crazy as she will be home for Christmas. Christy has been such a mentor to the girls, they will miss here so much, esp Heather.

Dawn said...

Hi Guys,
Lola, I'm hoping her brother will be around and not in a hurry to marry his sister off!
Skeeter, First time I ever saw clogging, these girls had been dancing together for at least 5 years, it was wonderful to watch.
I'm like the saint, no, no, no picture for me!
Mom, I'm kinda grateful I wasn't neede to see Christy off. She'll be okay, she's gotten tough in the last couple of years.
Cold today, 30 tonight but a warm-up for the weekend. Phone is ringing again!

Skeeter said...

Christy will be fine as I am sure she is a tough cookie like her mom...

tina said...

She'll be fine. Sorry it was so hard on you all Mom and the rest of the family.