Thursday, October 9, 2008

Christmas Ornaments-Copper Star

I've had a renewed inspiration in a series of Christmas ornaments, I can remember 10 years ago making my first set of six, and thinking.....hum...not much more you can think of......!?

Do you like my template for my star? Took me a moment to make it, I found the right nails but when it can to hammering them in....I tried it by sitting the whole thing on my deck rail. Didn't take me long to discover the rest of my nails were vibrating and rolling off to the ground below. Oh well, funny it seemed to take me less time to make the star then the plate but of course, it was the other way around. My next set of six tree decorations are headed for Etsy.

I wanted to make a tall pointed star, kind of shining? on the top? It was very easy to wind the copper between the nails and when I was done....I made sure to draw the design on the wood so when years to come, I won't think it's nails on a board.
It came out o.k., it was somewhat challenging to wind the rest of the copper around it , not a very big space in the center of the star. That is the primary reason why I didn't do a conventional star with the hexagon in the center. I finished by cutting the sharp points off and sanding it to a weathered shine.
I tell ya, a family affair, EVERYONE seems to have a opinion, about what direction to go in and embellishments to add. Suppose it's better than critiquing it because they leave that to me!
We all agreed my shining star needed something in the center, I'd only wished for a copper cowbell?!? Maybe not....3 little dangler bells seemed to be the majority agreement.
No, no, no. My statement was...."it looks like a bad gingerbread man!" Least the one in the children's book where the head of a gingerbread man gets bit off! PLAN B.
I added weight by stretching my star from the center (if only! The other way would be nice for me, squeeze me skinney)! and put a larger silver bell in the center, a gold hanger. Yes!

Much better. C&G Design.


Jean said...

Cute star and I also like it better with the one bell.

Dawn said...

Your first this morning!
I reread this 1000 x's and just noticed a mistake, it can to hammering instead of it came....ugh, I'll change it later.
A use for copper!
I have billing to do today, have to do my regular job every once and a while. lol

tina said...

I love copper. It looks just beautiful and I am sure I could find a spot for it in the garden:)

Skeeter said...

Oh my goodness, I saw the Gingerbread man! lol
I like the single bell much better also. I can see where the skies the limit on the center...

Dawn said...

Tina, are you hinting?
Skeeter, I remember that book! What awful tales we were told while young....the cradle will fall!?
I've got a quilt piece going tonight, having trouble with the machine so I'll wait til tom when I can oil it. TGIF!

tina said...

Do I need to?

Melony at Whimsy Daisy! said...

I've never seen anything like that made before. Wow! I would have never thought of that in a million years. I think it looks great!

lola said...

I don't see anything wrong with it either. It's rather pretty & different. I like the one bell also.