Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Crib Creations

I cannot resist buying anything Raggedy Ann and Andy. Okay....Hokay.....OKAY! I may feel alittle guilty about this one, I keep thinking of a newborn infant deprive of the world of Ann +Andy just because I bought the mobile.

I'm wondering about this being a homemade item, it isn't marked with a known tag like all of Ann & Andy are. It's cute...the two others on the mobile are a dog (not Raggedy Arthur) and a yellow duckling.

Aren't my pictures great? I took these hastly because "circlular Ann and Andy" are going back in storage til I get my craftroom done. It'll be high in a corner somewhere.
Hopefully. C & G Design.


Skeeter said...

That is such a cute idea if homemade! I hear you are not feeling so well. Thanks Mr. Trades, lol Sorry for your crude and crossing fingers for a speedy recovery....

Off to clip the hedge now. Argggg, I dread this more so then the cats hair cuts on Saturday! lol

Dawn said...

Yes, under the weather today, which is rainy today.
I got my pink back in June. I wanted to mention Christina Applegate, she was on Oprah (which I don't watch) Everyone raved about C. Applegate after the Emmy's. She had a double mastecotomy! (sp) I didn't know that!
Good like with the hedges, we'll be raking soon.

tina said...

Plenty of mobiles out there for infants, don't worry. Maybe you can use this one for your future grandchildren?

Dawn said...

That's a good idea. Off to do laundry and my floors, have to almost tear myself from my sewing/crafts!

Jean said...

It is cute and I also think it is probably homemade and good for the one that made it as I don't think kids, or should say, parents, as they are the ones that choose what to buy or make, are into the good ole standbys much anymore.