Sunday, October 19, 2008

Little Drummer

I had to stick something in the set that was fairly easy to make (beside the candy cane). I like working with felt, it creates a clean, soft look, exclusive to the cushioning of felt.

My hubby had a shop towel roll that had a strong inner tube, that was my inspiration, little drummer was born.
It completed my series of six and I must say...these work together and we are very pleased with them.
These are my first, I still have four sets in stock.
And 4 sets of new ones. C & G Design.


tina said...

They do all work really well together. What a nice addition to a Christmas tree.

Dawn said...

I'm getting other work done before I move onto more sets.

Jean said...

All are very cute. I love the button Christmas Tree and the Spool Santa. The tree looks pretty quick and easy but the Santa looks like it is more work.

lola said...

Those are really cute Dawn. You are putting a lot of work into them. I think anything that is handmade is so much better. One yr. I decorated my tree with all crocheted item that I had made. It turned out quite nice. I like the little Santa-with his little round tummy.

Dawn said...

Hi guys,
mom, the christmas tree was not easy or quick, I had done it 3x's because you need something other than hot glue or elmers to hold strong on a small plastic area, then I epoxyed the pearl garland to add strength.
Lola, I have alot of ornament books that show all felt or all crochet, even one tree made out of milkweed pods sprayed with paint, glitter and have little worlds in them. Hanger being on the skinny end of the pod.Thanks for the compliments on the Santa, he's my fave too. It's a toss up with the second group, nutcracker or hobby horse.
Brrrr, cold today! High 30's for the last 2 nights!

tina said...

Lola, I bet that tree looks so sweet-and all unbreakable for the grandkids too! A bonus.

Dawn, That is so chilly! We got kind of cold last night but today is gorgeous, and here I sit studying for midterms. Not happy about it as there is so much to be done in the garden. I don't like any of the pictures of us this time. I have a good one of us in the cafe that I think will work better for us both-not just me. If you want I will email them to you and let you decide before I post any.

Dawn said...

Yep, email them to me.