Friday, October 17, 2008

Country Candy Cane

This one is too simple, I'd done it before but it didn't work out. Wonder what happened?

I think, because I didn't have the unbraided tail. I can cover the wire when I start the cane but it's hard to end it with a covering. I thought this would look cute, sorta countryish.

Is there such a word? C & G Design.


Jean said...

If there is'nt such a word, there is now. Cute.

Dawn said...

Got a game tonight, took him to the dr. on wed. because he was in the clinic trying to get off headminder (they had him take it again because of a stiff neck). Now that we have seen the results, (picked that up along with Z) I can honestly say....foolish and only covering their butts. Same response from Wilk., basicly.
Guess Z was just a smmmidgge...upset!

tina said...

I love candy canes! Can't talk now-gotta go download the truck-urgh!