Thursday, October 30, 2008

Towels + Washclothes

I'm keeping in tune with the recent stash I've found, I'm almost done with the box!
I can almost move onto another "Christmas" package full of projects!

These little beauties were together, folded one by one. I think they are part of a curtain as some sides were already hemmed and others weren't. Well my idea was a simple one, get a compatible fabric, something like terrycloth, and stitch the decorative panel to one side of a equal square! Wa la! Instant towel.
Hubby and I are very picky about a few things, towels and facecloths being on top of the list. We have held off for 10 months in getting something nice for our downstairs bathroom, my idea, it fit perfectly. I managed to find a durable thick flannel that didn't seem to require hemming. It is absorbent, soft, and best of all....white. I have four Angel panels and 4 quarters of fabric, just enough. Oh yes! Four matching washcloths.

I'm calling it custom. C & G Design.


Jean said...

As always, very good job. They are very pretty.

Dawn said...

Thanks Mom, teeth hurt, have appointment next Thur for a consult and scheduling. Trying to post ahead.

Skeeter said...

There is nothing more satisfying then knowing you have made something no one else has... tee hee... Great job!

tina said...

Definitely custom! Very nice colors too.

lola said...

I love what you did with the towels. Bet no one else has any like that. I did something along those lines once.