Sunday, October 26, 2008

Teenager's Art

I've posted before on Madame's art so now it's Babe the Bull's turn. This is really good Art for him, they are from last year's freshman's class. His friend's mother finally gave them to me, apparently my son left the folder in the trunk of his friends car, where it could of stayed forever.

I gather this was a ongoing project that combined reality with fantasy, the end result came out kind of neat.
Hubby and I teased our son about the "pink can!" The bull...insisted it was really hard! It's done with cray pas. The village looks unfinished, guess it was supposed to be.
This one is my favorite. Light, dimension and depth all in one.

C & G Design.


tina said...

Yeah for getting the folder back. Good job Babe on the artwork. It is not easy showing depth on a flat material.

Jean said...

I think they are great!!!! Looks like a very creative mind also.

Dawn said...

This is good for him. He has a explusion facture on his ring finger. Ligaments pulled from both sides of his knuckle, chipping the bone. Wearing a splint right now, thank goodness football is over.

DP Nguyen said...

Hi Dawn- I'm back.
what great looking art--I wish I was as talented, lol. I can't draw for the life of me. They have some talent showing through.