Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How Raggedy Ann Came

I've written on How Andy's only fitting I write about Ann and her introduction. I won't do the story justice but I'll try to capture the message while condensing the story.

One day Marcella was in her grandmothers attic playing with a spinning wheel til she grew tired of it, she curled up on a old horse hair sofa to rest.

It was quite dark back there, and in a old leather bag Marcella found a number of tin-type queer looking men and women in old fashioned clothes, there was a picture of a little girl wearing a long dress with pantaloons which reached her shoe tops. And then out of the heap she pulled out an old rag doll with one shoe button eye and a painted smiling face.

Forgetting everything else in the happiness of her find, Marcella caught up in the rag doll and ran downstairs to show Grandma.

"Well, well well! Where did you find it ?" grandmother cried "It's old Raggedy Ann! I'd forgotton about her. She has been in the attic for 50 years! Well! I will sew another button right away!"

Marcella watched the sewing while Grandma told how she played with Raggedy Ann when she was a little girl.

"Now!" Grandma laughed, "Raggedy Ann, you have two fine shoe-button eyes and with them you can see the changes that have taken place in the world! For Raggedy Ann, you have a new playmate and mistress now, and I hope you both will have much happiness together as you and I used to have!"

Then Grandma gave Raggedy Ann to Marcella, saying very seriously, "Marcella, let me introduce my very dear friend, Raggedy Ann. Raggedy, this is my grand-daughter, Marcella!" And Grandma gave the doll a twitch with her fingers in such a way that the ragdoll nodded her head to Marcella.

"Oh, Grandma! Thank-you ever so much!" Marcella cried as she gave Grandma a hug and kiss. "Raggedy Ann and I will have just loads of fun."

And this is how Raggedy Ann joined the doll family at Marcella's house, where she began the adventures of Raggedy Ann.

Special thanks to Project Gutenberg. C&G Design.


tina said...

Thank you for sharing this story. I had no idea how either Raggedy Ann OR Andy came into existence. Very sweet. You did it justice.

Dawn said...

Wacky Wednesday, got to do my floors, girls get off the bus here.
Raining again today but close to 60 on Sat.

Jean said...

So, does that mean we really do not know who made the very first Raggedy. Very interesting.

lola said...

Yes, interesting indeed.