Thursday, July 24, 2008

Skeeter's Family Heirlooms-Dresden Plate

This is the second installment of Skeeters quilts, and this is a favorite of mine. Dresden Plate, an old fashioned, expressive, very welcoming quilt.

It's really is hard to decide if the color of a quilt will flow, this one does quite nicely.

A mixture of cotton candy pink and dark mint green as the focal colors. Skeeter's grandmother spruced up the areas between the plate by adding a pinwheel design which add a charm to this blanket. The Dresden Plate has 12 to 16 pie shaped wedges, depending on the size circle.
The center should be approximately one fifth the size of the outer rim. The center can also be a appliqued piece of fabric or left for the background to be seen as in Skeeter's quilt. Skeeter's grandmother used a every other color pattern which is a excellent choice for a large size Dresden Plate.
Pattern making for the Dresden consist on a 2 fold piece of paper, fold length, then width, draw a 1/4 circle from one edge to another, divide 1/4 equally by 3 or 4 pie wedges, wa-la! Variation on the plate has included a pointed outer edge as in the case of my pillow sham.

A combination of both, one being longer then the other (usually the points longer), can create a flower effect. Once the wedges are stitched together, the plate is appliqued' on the main background. My primer pattern book indicated this is a good quilt for 16 to sixty year old quilters to make! Fun time by all.

Very nice Dresden Plate quilt. C & G Design.


Skeeter said...

Surprised to see another of my quilts this morning! I used this quilt as my primary warming source for over 30 years! It has been washed and dried so many times that it finally started to show wear and tear. She is now retired and rest in the closet.

When we grew up, quilts were not for show, we used them to keep warm, lay on the ground for a picnic or just whenever needed! This one sure has been used for many years. I am not sure how old it was when I started using it but it sure has some funky scrapes of materials in it! LOL...

Thanks for sharing my heirloom quilts with others Dawn!

tina said...

Wow! Another beautiful heirloom quilt. I love it!

Dawn said...

Hi guys,
I'm back but not for long ( need a nap) Your welcome Skeeter but it is my pleasure, your quilts are beautiful! And the wear on this one must be slight!
Tina, I'm going to try to visit later, I'm sure I will have alot to read.

Jean said...

Another great quilt Skeeter, thanks for letting Dawn share it with us. Your grandmother was a great quilter!!!