Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Clothscapes, part 1

Since I've moved into our new house, I've been itching to do a collective wall hanging. One that make good use of all the embroidered pictures I have hanging out. Being a long time stitcher, I've been given unfinished embroidered work, finished work, purchased work and started some myself! Some of the cloths are found and some are still to be found, some are done and some are not......here is the first grouping.

A pretty peacock, I'd was doing when I met my hubby, don't we all give up when that happens?
A completed church scene, beautiful in blue and pink.
This one is meant to be oval,and I have limited yarn left. I may square the bottom, frame the curved sides, and call it good for this cute flutterby.

The final one of the group is actually a bell pull, I thought it would look nice to frame a outside edge. Least it will give me reference of how big to go.

Second group coming right up! C & G Design.

Ps. I'll be back on Thursday!


tina said...

Hey, I did not know you embroidered. If you ever come down you'll have to pick a pattern and embroider a quilt square for my wanna be quilt someday. Yes, oftentimes crafts go out the window when we start families.

Skeeter said...

Dawn, I have some patterns and all the materials for several things that came back to USA from Germany with me back in the year 2000. Still in the bag and never started! Our yard takes up my time now. Not sure what my excuse was while living in an apartment for our first 18 months here! Maybe American speaking TV. I was so into TV there for a while after 6 years of only one American Speaking channel...

DP Nguyen said...

You have some beautiful embroidery. I tried embroidery once--I bought a kit at Walmart. It was actually a lot of fun, but I don't think I'm crafty enough to create my own set of clothscapes!

Jean said...

They are all so pretty but the church scene isgorgeous. Embroided work is such detailed work and takes time.