Thursday, July 17, 2008

Skeeters Heirloom Quilts-Cathedral Window

I feel fortunate I have a regular commenter that is willing to share her quilts with me and I hope she doesn't mind I post on them separate. I don't think she will, Skeeter is also a long time commenter on my sisters blog.

This one is Cathedral Window and as I said before, a true stunner! Absolutely beautiful!
Skeeter tells me she made this with her Grandmother one winter after her Grandfather passed away. What a great gift for her Grandmother, in return, Skeeter has this heirloom.
Each color square is hand stitched in place by folding the edges of the white fabric over it. The squares are small and any fabric can be used. Skeeter can see her Grandmother's dresses in several windows, her Grandmothers work displays what an accomplished quilter does so well.

Highly sought after vintage fabric placed in random style. Take it from me.....if you look at the rows on a angle, the diamond pattern (including 4 windows) is what you begin with, before the last fold happens, each four square window fold is stitched together. That means the back of the windows are smooth, each first fold is about 8 inches and approximately 52 first folds comprised in this heirloom! Skeeter tells me it is heavy and essentially quilted itself. How true she is, there is no need for batting in between several layers of fabric, and since this is folded to create the window, it does become heavy at double size

I have NEVER seen a cathedral window in twin size and my opinion, Skeeter quilt is museum quality but, I'm bias, I'd like it for all to see.

Thank-you, Skeeter. C & G Design.


tina said...

It is truly beautiful!

Jean said...

WOW!!! It is a stunner and with the memories of making it with your grandmother as a child makes it truly priceless. Thanks for sharing it with Dawn so we could get a look at it also Skeeter.

Skeeter said...

What a surprise to see my quilt this morning! Did you also notice the diamond pattern on the carpet? I chose that to accompany the quilt... This quilt does have great memories for me. I can see my grandmother in her smocks working in her Rose Garden with the scraps of material we used. Several of the dresses she made me are within the quilt. It is a very special quilt and will always be cherished by me. It may end up in a museum some day.

Eve said...

What a a beautiful quilt. I have made a few of these blocks. What surprises me about the ones I have seen, is how heavy they are even without the cotton batting. That is an absolute treasure.

Dawn said...

Hi guys,
Skeeter, I did notice the pattern on the rug, but more so....that's berber isn't it? My family room is the same colors only with a rose ivy in the ivory. Love berber, stays clean, resists liguid stains, least for a few minutes.
Tina, I left early this am but yes a true beauty.
Mom, That is nice of Skeeter to share, I think you'll like the others, they are reconizable also and just as pretty.
Hi Eve,
I come to see you every so often. Just love Christina by Wyett (sp) It's in the history books up here. Although I,ve never visited, sigh, maybe someday.

DP Nguyen said...

Skeeter and Dawn! That is a beautiful quilt. What great craftmenship!

Skeeter said...

Yep the carpet is Berber. We had the entire upstairs carpeted before we move into the house. I almost went with the solid but opt for the diamond pattern instead. Great carpet and I highly recommend it. We got it fairly cheap since we are only a few hours from Dalton, GA where the stuff is manufactured…