Sunday, July 13, 2008

Composition Toddler-Finale

I'm done!!!!! Another project to check off the list. It's been a joy and a good experience. I have learned a couple of things:

Careful with the water,

Use fresh flesh paint,

Apply several coats of flesh even if it looks good the clear coat can produce uneven color,

Clear coat darkens,

Paint all at once and use something like a ace bandage to cover the areas that need to be protected, rather than a shopping bag. Wet paint on limbs are too loose.

I think the last one is the most important one! It was cumbersome to spray both sides of the arm and legs without flipping and moving the limbs, sometimes into the bag!I'm trying to think of a older name and have come up with two, Louise and Sadie......What do you think?
I'll let it my new doll play out in the pictures.

12 layers of paint, total.....

Rosy toeies????!!!!

Pretty pinkies,



Funky flesh!

Cool color!

Before........ And after........



Her permanent spot with the Steiff bear. C & G Design.


tina said...

Wow! What a big change! Yeah you to check off a project! She looks great!

Skeeter said...

She turned out beautiful!

You do know you can suffocate with a bag over the head? The Linda Blair Exorcist eyes freaked me out a bit! LOL....

You did a great job and I bet you are glad her operation is finally complete. Ace bandages do work well for bob-boo's...

You done good girl...

Dawn said...

Hi guys,
Yep, project off the list, feels so good.
Can always count on you Skeeter for a laugh, I was so busy with her I never thought of the bag thing! but the eyes were really weird.

Jean said...

She is a gorgeous Baby Doll and I thing Sadie.