Sunday, July 6, 2008

Composition Doll, Smooth legs-part 6

A little hold up......Thinking I was progressing along and quite happy with the outcome of my dolls head, I felt the legs wouldn't give me too much of a problem.

First let me say, not only did the head give me issue with the crack around the neck, but after another coating of diluted putty, she developed a large crack in the seam of the molding itself! On the left side of her head and running up to an inch above her ear, whereas it branched into a v over the top of her head! Just the night before, I'd completed the sanding on her head, it felt like touching loose baby powder. So soft.

I found the crack the next morning, commenting to myself...." I wonder why?" Jack of all trades responded, its the moisture in the diluted putty. Duh?!? I should of thought of that! Louise Sleeter, an accomplished doll restorer, uses the same method as I, except! She applies an epoxy on top of her repaired putty. Perhaps next time I'll be looking into that.

Anyway, back to my dilemma, I decided to use straight putty again, this time...while drying, I wet my finger and smoothed the edges out. It worked like a charm......I painted her. Wow! I'm so pleased with the results. I have only a tiny small crack at the shoulder. The crack can be viewed in the photo at the top of the post.

I like Louise Sleeters work, she has many referrals on her site and does beautiful work, her information is very helpful. She never uses composition restorer formulas. Her work can be seen by clicking

She also states the finish should never be removed except in the case of a deplorable doll, then and only then, use the doll as a learning project. Louise uses acrylic paints to fill cracks, apple barrel and so fourth.

Back to the legs.....feeling reassured they are in better condition than the head, I repeated the same diluted putty process. Using the natural materials make me think I could correct any flaws, this is why I prefer it, however I literally heard it snap this time, oh boy...., the next morning, after applying a coat of primer. Heel crack,

and several others.......which you couldn't feel or see until the paint was applied.

Back to the putty........thank goodness the arms haven't cracked, I suspect they may be treated with something.

I'm giving a look at the fabric I've chosen for the dress.

Although I may do away with the white. C & G Design.


Skeeter said...

This little doll sure is coming along!

tina said...

She is looking good. So much work. I would surely have given up by now.

Dawn said...

If it weren't for trying to post, I wouldn't of given up.....but slowed down, and it would be just another project..

Jean said...

Oh my goodness, would not know it was the same doll. Good job and all that work will soon be well worth it.

Dawn said...

Shucks, My link didn't work, have to try again later.

tina said...

Dawn, Did you try it with the blogger link tool? I sent you and Skeeter the instructions. Try it out.

Dawn said...

I hand entered it into the link, should of worked, has before. I'll paste next time.

DP Nguyen said...

The legs are smooth and great! Very pretty. So cute too!!!