Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Meet Raggedy Ann" book

Time to get back to blogging! Seems like I have been away for-ever! I have been getting back to life and making up for a lost year, so many things for me to finish, so many things waiting for me. I'm enjoying it.
Anyway, I want to take some time and show you this cute book Skeeter sent me, Skeeter spoils...I only wished I lived closer!

"Meet Raggedy Ann" is a adorable story.

About a little girl wanting to play but first has to find Raggedy Ann, Ann tumbled from the closet, happy as ever.
Ann is more of a modern version and looks like the little girl. They are both very cute, as is the book.
"Catch ya later." Many thanks, Skeeter!
***Update on my musical Raggedy Ann***
She came together okay but she still has a very aged wear to her body. I'd let her alone knowing this...lesson learned.
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Words and photos by Dawn, C&G Design.


Debbie said...

Well halleluia!! So glad you are back my friend!! It was great to see you recently at your moms. We had fun. I think you are so incredibly brave and look wonderful. Glad to hear you are back to life and that life is full for you. That is the way it should be for us crafters right? my case...a wanna be crafter. Keep on coming have inspired me now.

Jean Merriman said...

WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! So good to see you AND Debbie. I sure do misss you 2.

That is a very cute bood and yes, Skeeter is so sweet. Bloggers are just the best!!!!! They all just rock big time.

tina said...

Skeeter is indeed a sweetheart and most kind and thoughtful. So glad you brightened your day. And I'm glad to see you blogging!

Skeeter said...

I am so glad you are back as I have missed you and our crafts! But never feel pressure to blog, just blog when time allows.

You are so welcome for the book. I never see an Ann or Andy that I dont think of you. This little book was just screaming out for me to get it into your hands. I had no choice but to oblige the screams... LOL... We cant have voices in my head driving me crazy ya know.... :-)