Friday, February 1, 2013

Still here! See Visitors Day

Hey, hey! I'm still here! Ha, just being procrastinating with blogging, although I miss it a lot. 
A blogging friend, Debbie, call me earlier this week and she inspired me to get back to posting. I mentioned I needed to charge my tablet each week to get done some writing while I waited for my daughter to finish dance and by George!....I finally did it!
But the story of my tablet will have towait until another day, but since we are on the subject of my daughters dance class though, check out these nice pictures from last years visitors day.
"First position, please...."
"Downsy, daisy...."
"Upsy, daisy...."
"Turnsy roundsy, daisy...."
"Finally, tip toe through the tulips...!"
My daughter really likes these next photos,
she thinks they are artsy.
Looks like feet to me.....
Ha! They are nice though.
I'm glad I took them.
"Toe stand! Toe stand!!!! Little more...."
"Good!" Teacher says good.
"Second position...."
"Second position with arms....."
Lastly, two jazz dance shots, which the teacher allows her to take the hair down.
She is happier then ever I did not allow her to cut it like she want to a year ago.
Stay tuned for raggedy Wednesday. C&G Design
Words and photos by Dawn, C&G Design.


tina said...

Welcome back! I am so happy to see you back on here as I know you enjoyed blogging so much! Keep it up!

Protector of Vintage said...

I was worried you weren't blogging because of health reasons or something. Glad you are back. Your daughter is beautiful. My daughter had to pull-out of dance this year due to back problems. :( Take care.

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Hello!!! Lovely photos of your daughter dancing.

Debbie said...

Oh my God Dawn!! I am so dumb! I didn't even notice you were back blogging....probably because i am not blogging much either! Arggg! Those pictures are so cute....she is such a beautiful girl and I LOVE that she is so involved in so many activities. It will serve her well in life. It may be a lot for you as a parent to keep up with but she's good at it...and that makes it wonderful doesn't it? So glad to see you my friend. Looking forward to our get together soon. What do you think of all of that snow!!! Ever seen anything like it? Our furnace died in the middle of it all! Long story...

Debbie said...

Dawn....I left this long comment but I guess you didn't get it...or maybe you haven't approved it yet...haha! I am so glad you are back blogging even for one day. Love your gorgeous daughters ballet photos! She is a natural at anything she puts her mind to. You're a lucky mom. See you soon my friend.

Skeeter said...

Welcome back Queen of the Crafters! Good to see you and oh my has Miss Madame grown since I have last seen that sweet ballerina!