Monday, November 1, 2010

Just Call Me Miss 1 Percent

Beautiful bouquet from a customer

Well, I went for my chemotherapy port on Friday, it was day surgery--in and out. So I thought.

I figured it this way, I had 4 additional complication with the cancer removal, the rare "1%", what else could go wrong?

The plan was a 1/2 hour to 45 minute surgery with the port being placed on the left shoulder. Funny, when I came awake, the clock indicated the time was 2 hours after I entered the OR. I had to ask a assistant because without my glasses I thought I was seeing things. Nope, the time was right.

My port was actually on the right side with a bandage on my left, they could not locate the proper placement, soooo I have a needle hole instead of the planned port on my left and the contraption on my right. I really don't mind which side the port is on just as long as it works.

By the time I got back to recovery I was feelin' the ole' ache and pain in my lower ribs on my back. The "one percent" risk with port placement is a collapsed lung, well mine had collapsed 30%, enough to have an extra overnight in the hospital. Joys....

I'm home now, I have chemo teaching today. C&G Design
Happy November.

Words and photos by Dawn,C&G Design.


tina said...

Oh dear!!! Get well soonest!

Debbie said...

Oh my lord Dawn I can't believe it! What the heck is going on? Why do you have to go through all this crap. I am so sorry this cannot be easier for you.:( It just doesn't seem fair....especially after all you've been through...but I guess all you can do is what you seem to do very well....grin and bear it. I've said it are a strong and courageous girl. the chemo....I hope all is well. Why do they go in the shoulder anyway?? Why wouldn't it be in the stomach area??? I don't get it. Why wouldn't it be shot right into the cancer area?? Can you explain about that?

Protector of Vintage said...

Wow, sorry to hear things didn't go smoothly. Stay strong!!!

Jean said...

Like I been saying, get all that 1% junk outta the way and then have the odds to beat it all!!!!!

Skeeter said...

Oh my goodness Dawn! I am so sorry you have to deal with all this mess Grrrrrrrr... What is that saying, “If it aint one thing, its another” I am grateful you are a tough lady and seem to be dealing with the blows coming your way. Hang in there sweet friend!

Lola said...

OMW, I'm so sorry that this had to happen after all you've been through.Seems the best ones have to suffer the most. Prayers are to you for sure. Just wish I could take your pain away.
Hold on Dear Friend. I love you.

Nancy said...

Oh, Dawn. I agree with Jean. Do the 1% up front, done!