Thursday, September 3, 2009

Furry Friends

I am working on many projects but seemly unable to feel as if I'm getting as much done. I always get to feeling this way every fall, it's partly do to the heating business picking up slack and my kids being back to school, so much going on.
Today is a fun post, it's 2 pictures apiece of my kitties. I figure I haven't posted on them for a while (not that they change...much) and since they will start hanging around more, they will do the odd stuff that cats do. Woolly mammoth, he is the only one who does not let himself out and in by jumping off and on the deck, I guess 8 feet might be a bit to high for his bulk. If he did jump he'd get rid of all the debris he brings with him! Woolly is a flopper, and a roller!
Doesn't he look evil? Just in time for Halloween, but let me tell ya, he is Maine coon and he is soooo sweet. My future breed and nothing else.

Veshneau, she is the hybrid Siamese that was given to us. Do you see what she likes as a current fetish? She chewed on the tips of this pile of wire and LOVED the bare copper I'd worked on!

I never met a more quirky cat than her. She glows living with us and is ecstatically happy.

Finally the recluse, Sophia, who was feeling a little frisky at this moment or maybe embarrassed that she turned and heard something in the direction of the woods, and she almost fell off the fence. Never! Had she jumped off the deck before but not to be out done by the Siamese! They both think it's awesome I kept the door open during the warm months.

A rare photo opportunity for Sophia and she seems agitated by it, no maybe it's because she was caught doing a goofball. I can tell her mood by her ears.
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Debbie said...

Hi Dawn! They are all very beautiful and unique. I love the Maine Coon...I used to have one years ago and they are very sweet. Siamese cats can be very strange. My pure black cat is part siamese and she sounds like a baby crying sometimes. She also sounds like she is saying "hello" when she cries...very weird!! You have three wonderful family members. Do they all get along well? Coons have a lot of must have to brush that one out!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Dawn!
They are so beautiful your free spirited kitties. I love cats and grew up with Siamese, but my husband has asthma and is highly allergic to cats so we cannot have one. We have our Boston Terrier "Handsome". I love the last picture of the one on the deck. She was not happy about something with those ears back. That is not a happy pic. The Maine Coon is beautiful. I bet you have a brush in every room for that one. Thanks for sharing sweetie. Love, love, love the pics. Stop by and say hi. I would so love it if you do. Country hugs, Sherry

Kathleen said...

Being a cat lover myself, I have throughly enjoyed the pics and stories of your 3 felines. Mr. Ming likes to chew on plastic bags. I do my best to keep all plastic away from him, but it is difficult. When he gets surprised or embarrassed (as cats do) he does that thing with his ears, too. We call it the "horned owl look". LOve him though, no matter what. He is the best comapny ever! Hugs, Kathleen

Roses and Lilacs said...

Love your black cat. I have one almost exactly like him. Mine is very sweet and mellow too...and big;)

Sophie looks like she's about to dash off after some imaginary creature.

tina said...

Sweet cats. Glad Veshneau settled in.

Jean said...

They are all so different and wonderful.

Skeeter said...

Your kitties are beautiful fur babies! My two black furballs keep me smiling from day to day with their fun antics. I spent the weekend with 3 dogs and still think that cats are much easier to tend to, even with us having to give the cats hair cuts...