Friday, September 18, 2009

pumpkin patch

Okay, I had another one of those days where a quick, away from the sewing machine, project just had to be done. I had this idea..... and a orange remnant, perfect for pumpkins. Using the stool seat as a guide I made 2 twenty inch circles.

A 3 inch round piece of wood with a hole in the center for the straightened hanger I was using.
Glue to the center, wrong side of the fabric.

I gathered the edge of the fabric, not being worried about turning under a hem as the edge won't be seen. Pull thread to tighten around the wire, close enough to allow for a stem to be glue to the hanger. Stuff pumpkin as you go.

Okay....stop. Right now is the reason why I make two crafts at a time. I placed both fabric circles together before cutting, I choose a block of wood I knew would act as a stand, but when it came to the length of the hanger, well that needed cutting once the pumpkin was done and stuffed. I had no idea what size of a pumpkin a 20'' circle would make so I had to deal with the cumbersome end of my wire. Turned out to be 15 inches. Cut a 3'' x 16'' strip of green felt, glue to wire and wrap, gluing as you go. Glue edge of pumpkin to stem.

I truly, truly have NO idea what I'm going to do until it's done. Brainstorming I came up with two drawings, I'd have to make a felt wing for the crow.

Using floral wire I made curly vines out from the top of my pumpkin, later I will cut felt leaves and glue them in strategic places, holding the wire for stability.

I topped my hanger with my stuffed crow, I didn't need to cut a felt wing because I thought the netting would be better. By now I'm smiling to myself because my project is taking shape and it's cute! Stripped paper for a nest worked well also.

My second pumpkin took no time, I had everything cut and ready before I started and that's most of the work.

The witch has a netted cape and a stripped paper broom from a twig. I left one side without wire because I intended to make a Jack-O-Lantern but then I became hesitate. Do you think it needs one? And if so, what kind?

I love this orange fabric, take it from me, it's a cute pumpkin patch.

This set is headed for Etsy, answer my question as if you would buy it. C&G Design.


Roses and Lilacs said...

Dawn, those are cute. Love the curly vines.

Debbie said...

Dawn those are so darned cute! I can't answer your question because for some reason all your photos open up larger except for the last three? I can't get a proper look at it with my 50 something eyes! From what I can see, they are both beautiful and extremely creative. You are amazing!

tina said...

It is really nice! You are so good with designing on the fly. I thought you were going to talk of pumpkins growing in the garden. Shows where my mind is all the time.

Lola said...

Fantastic Dawn. I don't see where there is a need for anything else.
They are so very cute.

Jean said...

They look fine to me. Like Tina, I thought pumpkins in the garden. My garden has only 4 pumkins and I must have had near 100 blossoms. Out of the 4 only 2 are big enough to pick but not orange yet. The other 2 may be able to be picked as small pumpkins. The 2 big ones are not as big as the huge one I got last year but very good size.

Kathleen said...

Dawn, I love them just as they are. Oh to have the ability to just craft away at whatever comes to mind. I struggle so. I am trying to make little pillow sachets. Just simple square pillows, about 4 by 4 inches. You should hear the swearing that goes on at the sewing machine! These pumkins are just too sweet...hugs, Kathleen

Protector of Vintage said...

Very cute project!!

CC said...

Dawn..these are adorable. I love the soft pouffy look of gosh !!,
what talent you have.

Kieny The Dutchlady said...

I love these very much! You come up with such great ideas all the time.

Skeeter said...

Wonderful pumpkins!