Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm Back

It has been a long haul in my battle to be cancer free. I had more than one complication while in the hospital and spent 26 days under their care. The primary thing that happened was the re-connection of my colon came undone from one staple, that one staple cause a battery of problems. I had to have a re-connection surgery, and a follow-up surgery to be sure my abdomen was all cleaned out. Somewhere in there I was moved to ICU for an irregular heartbeat.
This is the flowers my younger sisters sent me, the peach rose was gorgeous. The picture really didn't pick up the vibrant. Not only did I have a nourishment bag of food by IV, but insulin to counteract the high sugar content. I had days....I mean days of vomiting which prompted me to ask for a stomach tube so the acid from my belly could be removed.
My stairs to my front door was decorated by my employee and his wife. I got this photo right when I came home.
I had a ride to another hospital so a abdomen abscess could be drained and finally a fissure developed in the surgical area which set me back another week. The doctor made it clear that all the setbacks had nothing to do with the cancer. It snowballed from the disconnection and so I shouldn't think of it in terms of the "C" trying to beat me. Ha!
But I'm home now and everything is on a upswing. I'm going to try to get back to my schedule of postings but I also want to play it by ear, some days will bring weakness and I tend to relax (sleep) rather than doing alot.
A bouquet from our company supplier.
Happy October. C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,C&G Design.


Darla said...

You sound as if you have a positive attitude and that in itself will take you a long way Dawn. Do take it easy. Lovely photos!

tina said...

Oh goodness, it has just all gotten me so sad and down for you as you are much too young. So positive though!! That is a great thing. Glad you liked the flowers.

Nancy said...

Oh, so glad you are doing better! Whew! We are being packed starting today, and leave for a flying trip to CA on the 7th after/before the closing. After 2 weeks there, we come back to Vermont, grab the dogs and the car and start driving the 3000 miles. Sure hope we find a place to live! :-)

You know my best friend beat a really nasty one last year. Her husband is a nurse at MD Anderson working with patients with cancer, too. Please do not be shy about asking me or talking to Paula if you need questions answered or support. There is only one reason to be for us and that is to help wherever we can.

Sent you a little package. It is not trims or such 'cuz you already have so much! :-) It is a couple of things that needed a good home and one gave me so much hope.

Thanks again for being my "neighbor" in the northeast. Now we will be bi-coastal friends. :-)

And, isn't Robbie Williams hot? (If you watched all the way on the video) Bongo bong playing loud and often here to keep us motivated.

Jean said...

I say WOOHOO thru my tears of joy to see you back blogging!!!!!!! In another year when you turn the page to being a CANCER SURVIVOR you can brag about all you went thru to get there. Since things went wrong with the surgery I expect God will make up for it with the rest of the treatment.

Debbie said...

Dawn!! What a wonderful sight to see you blogging again my friend!!!! Yay!!!! Take your time and go slow. Maybe think about posting once or twice a week right now? Gosh I don't even do that!! It was great talking to you the other day. You are like a medical doctor with all of your accurate medical jargon! Sometimes I have no idea what you are talking about! I am so glad you are home and doing well. Will talk to you soon my friend. There is an air nail gun exploding in my hallway as I write this! Yikes!

Lola said...

Oh Dawn, I am so glad you are back. But please don't over do. Take you time & only do what you feel up to doing.
I love your step decorations. Sure wish pumpkins would hold up here but it is too hot for them. They just don't last so I use the resin kind. They can take any kind of weather.
Missed you.

Skeeter said...

Peeking in here this morning just to say hey and what a surprise! You are back!!! Yippeeeeeeee. As the others say, Do NOT over do girl... Take recovery seriously and you will get well quicker....

Love seeing you back on the blog. My day will now be wonderful.....