Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What a sweetheart!

While in the hospital, I was sent several gifts and cards. I want to thank everyone who thought of me, it really brightened my day.
One of the near and dear surprises I received was from Skeeter, what a sweetheart! She sent me her vintage raggedy Ann and Andy Look at Andy's legs! Ann has the same fabric, a cute eye catching change.
Skeeter writes that her grandmother worked for a shop owner, a hairdresser, and the shop owner had displays in her window.
When the shop owner took the display down Skeeter's grandmother asked if she could pass them along to her. Skeeter believes they were made by a customer.

I feel privileged and honored that Skeeter has chosen me to give these to. They will take up a space on the love seat with the other Ann and Andy's.

C&G Design
Happy 50th to my husband!

Words and photos by Dawn,C&G Design.


tina said...

That Skeeter sure is a sweetie! She is probably traveling so might not see this but if I see her I'll be sure to tell her!

Lola said...

That Skeeter is one special lady.
Be safe in your travels.
Now this is right, Dawn posting, brightens my day.

Debbie said...

Oh Dawn! I am so excited for you!!! Now this was a gift truly from the lord!! She relinquished her dolls that her grandma gave her to you....what a very, very, special gift. I think she knows that if anyone would take care of those raggedies for life, it would be YOU! Thanks Skeeter...your heart is HUGE!! Dawn....I'll be calling you by weeks end my friend. It's absolutely nuts here. Bobbie threw out his back and has been immobile for 2 days now. I am working at night with a friend because he can't and our repairs have come to a screeching halt....with carpentry clutter everywhere! It's no wonder he put out his back with all the lifting we're doing!

Protector of Vintage said...

Those are the cutest dolls!! Happy Birthday to your husband!!

Jean said...

You keep saying you can't remember a lot of what went on in the hospital so I hope you remember when you opened up these dolls. As more of each doll got exposed, you just kept saying "Oh my God, oh my God. Over and over.

As always Skeeter is such a sweetie.

Hope my great son in law has a great day for his BIG ONE!!!!!

Lola said...

Yeah, I hope your other half had a great day.

Skeeter said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jack Of all Trades!!!

I could not think of a better home for Ann and Andy :-)