Monday, October 25, 2010

Staying in Touch

Geez, it's hard to believe that in a few years I'll being having my 30th class reunion. It seems like yesterday I was a senior in school looking forward to being done and graduated.
I remember two special friends from high school that I spent quite alot of time with, Emma and Robin. Robin I hear from time to time but I seemed to have lost communication with Emma, until recently.

I sometimes wish Emma lived in Maine but she lives far away so emailing has become our way of staying in touch.
I was very surprised when Saturday my husband walked in with a package that had come in the mail. It was from Em, she sent me these adorable snowflake ornaments she found thrifting. She sent them with a wish that she hoped it brightened my day...yep, it did that!
(and I was just thinking of making these)

By God, whomever crocheted these used the smallest hook possible, they seem delicate but I actually think they can take quite a bit, least a kitty batting them around.

The other item that touched my heart is this glass states it all.

Thank-you, Em. C&G Design
And P.S. I noted the address! Smart of me-I must be getter better!

Words and photos by Dawn,C&G Design.


Terri Lynn said...

Hi there fellow Mainiac :) I stumbled across your blog while searching penny rugs! Just wanted to say hello! I have yet to find too many Maine Bloggers! Nice to meet you.

tina said...

Awesome to keep in touch with high school friends Dawn. How very sweet of Em. I hope you go to your class reunion. Never been to any of mine but went to Roger's 20th last year and so enjoyed it!

Too funny on Terri Lynn-thought she was our sister. Hi Terri Lynn!

Jean said...

How sweet of Em to send that and I know you will enjoy them all, even no doubt copy them!!!! Does she read your blog? You have mentioned her several times but never mentioned that she reads the blog. If so, Hi Em from Dawn's mother!!

Yes, Tina, the Terri Lynn on there stopped me in my tracks for a mintue cause I know your sister of that same name and spelling does not do blogs. Or for that matter, barely nothing on computers at all except for work. Said when she programed them for a living for so many years that she got burned out on puters.

Lola said...

How very sweet of your friend Em to send you that box.
I too thought it was a sister. How nice.
Do hope you go to your reunion, I was never able to go to any of mine.

Debbie said...

How neat Dawn!! What a wonderful friend!!...

Terri Lynn said...

LOL @ the whole sister thing :) Glad to meet you all even if I am not your sister! Have a great night everyone!

Nukke said...

Hi and HAPPY HALLOWEEN to You !!!!!
my Mossbear just joined Halloween Celebrations in our terrace.

Last summer was our 20th class reunion, we 20 years ago secondary school graduated. It was so nice to see them all. We were by the seaside and that dinner was great too there.

I think I'll link this about those croched ornaments to my sister blog as she like to croched and needle so much. She might get inspiration of that pic. So beautiful snowflakes !!!!my sister blog is if you like to see it. I'll tell you if she is crocheting those then later.